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I find it is often that people worry about what they are getting out of a relationship. But I think that what they are giving is equally as important. It is a two-way street and in order to receive, one first must be willing to give.


Take my hand when my eyes weep.
Hold me gently in your arms.
Finger my curls, as I sleep.
Dazzle me with all your charm.

Provide me time and space.
Listen closely when I speak.
Secure in your life my place.
Support me the times I'm weak.

Cherish our time together.
Dread any time we're apart.
Mean when you say forever.
Let my absence gnaw your heart.

And let all my joys be yours.
Let my sorrows be as well.
And share relationship chores.
Mind your ego, lest it swell.

And I beg you never fight.
Let us walk our time in peace.
With a kiss for every night,
Let our passions never cease.

But above all these my dove,
Swear always that you'll be true.
For's not you I ask these of -
They're my promises to you.
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22 Visitor Comments

I love this poem!
So incredibly wonderful! Amazing work, like a piece of art.
love it, i cant get enough of your poems. i write poems myself but dont seem to put the out for other ppl to see.
I was looking for a way to tell my husband of my love for him, this one hir the spot. Thank you.
i absolutly love this poem, it really makes me think about my realationship with my boyfriend. this is exactly how i feel. you did a wonderful job and i would love to read some more of your work. excellent job!
I love this poem, it perfectly describes everything you are willing to do when you are in love. I feel this way about someone and hope they feel it too, this poem is beautiful and really means something to me and to many others I'm sure.
this is really clever. i wish i could have written it, because it's really something to be proud of. I can see it expresses your feeligns, and i know that i feel that way for someone too. Great work!
This without a doubt is one of the most perfect written ones I have read to date!This I think what all relationship should be:)It is what I am looking for should I tread that path:)well done, well done!
This poem has a great twist at the end that explains exactly how I feel about someone so special to me.
Beautiful poem. Said everything I wished to say to my greatest love and still some more
your poem has so much feeling and truth in it. You have touched my heart and I kmow that this will touch many others.
Lovely! It fuses the "I would like you to.." and "I promise you I'll.." phrases very well. Basically, Chris, you've written two poems in one! Truly awesome!
I really loved this poem. Love is not all about receiving--it's about giving
Beautifull. I was speechless after reading the poem. I havent read anything so beautifull in a long time. Please Christopher, never ever stop writing. For with your poem you speak for so much people who don't know how to say I love you.
You are so talented. You've got yourself a true fan.
Hello! I love this poem.It has passion,it has taste,it has purenest,it has serenity,it has streght.It's perfect and more than anything it's beutiful.
This poem made me cry. Thank you Christopher.
It is so true...this poem said exactly all the things that I feel and wanted to say.
very good
This is an absolutely beautiful poem. It passionately shows what every relationship requires. I sent this to my significant other for Valentine's Day. Thank you for the pleasure this poem brought me.
This poem was absolutely the most beautiful poem I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. This man is trully gifted!

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