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This poem is about two soulmates who were separated by death, only to find that their love still lives on for eternity.

Sometimes being close to the things we shared with that person, brings us close to them. God's nature has a way to help us reflect and feel as though they are near - giving us comfort and peace.

Eternity Of Your Love

Your love is... an ocean,
Where sand meets the sea,
Waves of love rolling over me,

Your love comes to me,
As the tide comes to the shore,
Wanting and needing to embrace me more,

Your love is... the moon,
Shinning across the shimmering sea,
Deep, wide, strong, and calm.
Always there to carry me..

Your love is... my shelter,
My compass, my true north,
Where ever I go, your love is guiding me forth,

Your love is.... the fresh ocean breeze,
Gently sweeping across my face,
Touching me from place to place,

Your love is...
The salty air I smell,
Clearing my thoughts and thinking,

Your love is...
The life preserver that keeps me from sinking,

When I go there to the sea,
I am not alone, for your love is with me,

I feel you all around,
The beauty, the wind, the mystery,

Your love engulfs me,
Takes my breath away,
Holds me in wind's arms,

When I close my eyes,
Dancing memories of your charms,
Never escape my deepest memory,

So if ever our souls part to say goodbye,
Meet me there, where the sea meets the sky,

Your love will forever be with me,
Where the sands touch the sea,

Our love lives on,
Our love flows back out into all eternity.
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25 Visitor Comments

This is a very touching poem! I feel as though I have found my soulmate and I know in my heart that if something happened to one of us or both that our love will still go on forever.
i had a great relationship once and i broke it off. but i regret doing it cuz i miss him so much
This peom is very sweet and sad to me at the same time. I really think this peom is good for couple that will always remeber each other. I love this peom I wanted to put it in my wedding picture book.
That is so creative, it reminds me of my love.
that is truly a good poem. i realy enjoyed it. it brought back memories of some one i truly cared about.
i thought it was one of the best love poems i have ever read!
it really touched my heart. its very nice and full of truth,it eally hepled me to express the feelings inside me to my love.
wow i love this poem so much it is one of the best poem i ever read before i mean it gave me alot to think about in it also brought tears to my eyes
i know how much it hurts to lose the person you love to heavens and it jujst reminded me that our love is still there even after death.
Thank you. You really know what i wanted to say.
i want to say, that I loved this poem it makes me think of my true happiness, thank u for being so in tune with the spirirt while u write!
This is a beautiful poem it brought tears to my eyes
beautiful! i tryed to write a poem for my boyfriend to explain the way i feal but couldn't find the words to discribe it. In your poem you not only found the words you make the reader feel them. I Love it
I sent your poem to my beloved and I'm sure he will love it :-)) Its a sweet and simple poem
What a beautiful poem, you touched my heart.
I have recently lost my soul mate, this poem helps to realise her love is still with me.
Spectacular. A real love tale. Think of the great many hearts you've touched.
your poem really touched me and it made me realize that love is very important
This poem is so wonderful! It says everything that I am feeling about a special man in my life. Thank you! Just reading it brings chills over me and tears to my eyes. For he is my eternity!
hey, I think this is a really good poem. I look forward to reading more poetry from you
este poema resume-se numa só palavra: esplendido.
I cried at this touching poem
Jack gorgeous poem..
That was an amazing work of Art.As a poet i could only wish and hope to write something that beautiful.It brought tears to my eyes.

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