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There's something about fire, rain, wine, and lovers that really connect.

Fire and Rain

Rain falls
a steady percussion
of hollow drops
on the metal roof
invoking a dreamy feeling
firelight dances with shadows
upon the walls
in an intimate display
pitch crackles as the fire burns hotter
my hand in yours
as you pull me to you
to the sheepskin rug by the fire
your clear blue eyes gaze into mine
lips hovering just a whisper away
electricity flows between us
almost visible
in it's intensity
I sip the wine you poured
feeling a heady rush
sweet and warm
our bodies so heated
from the fires that rage
inside and out
your fingers curl around mine
taking the glass
as you lean close
settling your lips gently on mine
hands tangling in my hair
kiss deepening
as the rain and fire
sing a lulling duet
nothing else matters
just this moment
just this kiss
just you and I
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10 Visitor Comments

silly goose
Too hot to handle.
being a angel i am so fofilled with ever beautiful thing you have to share with every one in love. or who longs to be,the best love comes when you least expect it,esspecially when you treat them like the treasures they are just to us, thank you for you loving inspration
This is a very intense and powerful poem that summed up my feelings for someone I share stolen moments with. thank you.
Very nice. Can't wait for the next rain shower
When I read this, I knew this was about him and I. It was Us. I sent it to him.
I have only one thing to say: WOW!!
Touching, moving and well written. Congratulations
I loved it, I just wish I wrote it myself, it's hot and beautiful at the same's passion.
this poem was sent to me by a loved one. It is as if the author could see us alone.

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