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True love as seen in a fantasy world, or perhaps in our dreams.

It Matters Not

He weaves his way over
the sunlit blades of emerald leaves,
And the crystal stream babbles tales
of certain dreams and hopes and loves.

The air resounds with hidden wings, a gentle breeze
Caressing Daisies and Buttercups,
nodding softly to themselves entranced by the recital
of the crystal ripples.

Enchanted beams of purest light...golden.. dazzling
reflect from the depths of passion filled eyes,
lighting his way unto her.

She weaves her way among
the falling Blossoms, a striking darkness
against the pure white cascade, of falling petals.
Creating a carpet of silk for her to travel.

The trees whisper tales of truest love,
and the wind chimes gently sing
Soothing songs of hope...patience...forever.
Filling her soul and mind.

Shadows lengthen, the first shimmering star
pokes through the dusky haze of night
Fireflies weave their way through darkened
groves, creating a fairyland of dreams

Entwined in a circle,
flowers, fireflies and trees
Gather to watch,
the two becoming one.

The first tender touch,
The first longing kiss
Colours brighten, glowing brilliant
in the fairy tale night.

Nature falls into an adoring silence
As it listens to the singing
of two hearts finding their destiny
creating a love to remember forever.
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2 Visitor Comments

A beautiful poem.
this is a most inticing and honest interpetation of the hearts truest desires of perfect love

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