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This poem was written for a past love, a very draining, new kind of relationship for me; draining both sexually and emotionally

Emotional Vampire

standing before you,
naked, but unaware,
body trembling with every breath,
I await your approach.

embracing you in ecstasy,
our energies ascend in
a feverish rapture as the
moon illuminates our silhouettes through
lace curtains.

you pull away,
leaving me listless,
writhing in agony on the
floor as my essence seeps through
my skin into you,

my sweet, emotional vampire,

who leaves me in anguish,
tormented until our next encounter when
I will stand before you,
waiting to be drained again.
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22 Visitor Comments

the poem was lonely and sexy at the same thing and it was supernatural good
i loved it. even though im almost a witch i still loved it. infact thats the best ive ever heard. B. P.
IT was beautifull
it lovely
i thought that this poem was really sexy and it is real good.
the intensity and inevitability expressed in the poem is very impressive
that was a wonderful poem
I have never been moved by such few words, I can identify with the poet almost completly. For I often fall victim to the vampire as well
hi i really loved your poem, i thought it was great. i havn't read alot of poems that matches my interests,i rellly would like to read more of your poems. i hope you keep writing them, especially vampire ones, because they are perfect. i hope you get my message well done! farzana
I have soooo been there. But I finally have a guy who cares about me so it's all gravy baby.
I think you have a very good talent for righting poemes and dont let anybody tell you any different i realy liked this poem thank you for righting it and keep righting poemes ok good night!
Hey I love the poem but r u really dating a vampire or no cuz vampires r hott
i think that it ia a 10 out of 10
Stage Diva please open your eyes, your lover don‘t love you. you deserve a better relationship which will offer you ture happiness. you can have someone care about you and make you feel special and happy.
I think this poem is wonderful! You are VERY talented!
GREAT. i think it captures what you said about it. i have been there too.
it was a very sweet pome i loved it
Stunning, rapture, and amazement
THIS ONE is very worthy of being in the 100 BEST POEMS EVER. I love it!!
This poem is very cool. I love the way it is made. I would love to read more poems like this
that poem was absolutly riviting. i loved it. i touched a place in my heart, soul and body. keep writing these beautiful poems.
very well put every word rhymed and had meaning.

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