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This poem is the only one I have written in English because it was the easiest one to translate into this marvelous language, even if I had to make a few changes to make more comprehensible. It is a poem that I wrote to a girl that I loved dearly. Unfortunately thousand of kilometers of water separates us.

The Declaration Of Love

If I were a sailor I would dive deeply
Into the ocean of your silky hair
Where the waves are lost towards infinity
Up to the perfume of a sweet love affair.

If I were a swimmer I would drown with lies
Into your glittering crocodiles tears of sensitivity
Where your diamond's quest will drive me
As far as the lair of your soul's eyes

If I were a philatelist I would take delight
Of your mouth's line where the perfection
Of your nectar will share the spotlight
In the dessert of my collection.

If I were a mountaineer I would climb up
Your high mountain's legend
Where the everlasting snows will only blow up
When your pleasure come to an end.

If I were a painter I would soak my brush
Into your virgin forest ready to blush
Where only a coolness torrent will flow
At the banks' mouth before the afterglow.

If I were a poet in love I would mix those taboo
Into verses that will only look alike
When my eccentric imagination would like
To tell you without any regret.... I love you.
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6 Visitor Comments

i really enjoyed this poem,it almost makes me the reader wish you were all those careers.
love it! rock on
You remind me of a love I found, but he too moved thousands of kilometers away, across the sea.your words inspire my heart to find him.
I think that this poem show how much you loved this person. keep writing poems like that
i think this poem is great! Seriously....i think it's rather great!
I loved the last three standza's they were explicitly sexual in a way that celebrated her his love. It is not always that people( expecially myself) can right such beautiful words about sex. It is wonderful to know you celebrate the female form!!!

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