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"My Mind Is The Tool" is a thought provoking look at the way sex has gotten in the way of true intimate feelings. The mind is the real heart and soul of a person, and to stimulate it, is to really bring rapture to one's body.

The physical is great, but those feeling soon fade away. The mental is everlasting.

My Mind Is The Tool

This muscle between my legs
is good for fertilizing your eggs,
but it will never make or break
our love affair.

Although it gives you great pleasure,
and those moments I do treasure,
it will never be the main
way to show I care.

Thus, revealing the fact,
that sex is just an act,
and love is never
anything one should fall into.

I may sound like a fool,
when I say my mind is the tool,
that I'll use
to make love to you.

It may be big, firm, thick, strong,
it may even last long,
but never as long as the images
I leave of me, in your thoughts.

I feel you sister,
when you say all the other misters,
never took you there,
but it ain't my fault.

I love to touch, I love to feel,
but first and foremost,
I love to keep it real -
you know this to be true.

Although our physical acts,
bring you the ultimate climax,
my mind is the tool,
that I'll use to make love to you.

Wondrous emotion
in a mixed up love potion -
a combination of the mental,
and the physical.

Some might think that cybersex
is along the same lines as this text,
but no -
that's way too digital. know the rest,
or at least by now you've heard.

Verbal stimulation,
via phone conversation,
make me laugh it's so absurd.

I need you close to me,
saying something, or saying nothing,
so long as
we're sharing the same breath.

This muscle in which I've been speaking,
is good for steady freaking,
but the thought I leave you with
will last 'til death.

Nothing is sweeter
than when a woman knows her man needs her,
and a man who knows his woman
needs him too.

Let me say in closin',
it's you that I've chosen,
and my mind is the tool
that I'll use to make love to you.
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41 Visitor Comments

This was a good poem. Very in detail with the sexual part. But i love it!
I found the poem to be speaking directly to me, it fits a situation I'm going through right now. It's very straight foword, but yet so sexy, intimate, and true. I luv it.
What a poem! I loved it! The mind has a way of taking us places the body can only ever hope to soar to. Thanks for sharing!
This poem gave me hope. there are still good men in the world. This poem proves that God does exist. only He could create something this inspiring!
Brotha. hmmm you moved me!
thiz poem was mad tight. no doubt uiz keepen it real
I loved this Poem, very hot very hot!
Very Nice Poem. I wish more men felt this way.
This poem was awesome. alot of depth. alot of feeling. That's the kind of poems I like.
Wow, I loved it!
This was a wonderful poem I like it very unique and creative send me more
All I have to say is: YOU GO BOY!
That poem is such a old lesson that needs to be learn if u don't know where a person mind is than there is no purpose in pursuing any type of relationship.
This was a very wonderful poem. It seems as though it came from the heart. Many women would love to meet a man with such a good perspective of loving.
Just would like to let you know that this is one of the best poems I ever read.
really deep. i wish all guys would think like that. i love the first line. it made me smile. memories i guess. anywayz it's an awesome poem and very lyrical. i think it was be a good song. the best part was about sharing the breath. that really moved me. made me feel the love you were talking about. made me want to keep reading to see what would happen. latersz
Wonderful poetry! He is absolutely right. The mind is a wonderful tool and it's only when we are ready in BODY, MIND and SOUL that we can truly make and recieve true love.
Loved this one! Only other poem i've seen as good is "more". Fantastic job! Hope to find more from you!
Loved it! This is how God intended intimacy to be. I love how it flowed.
I loved this poem, it didn't feel all punctual it seemed as though i was listening to one of my boys. There is so much truth in this poem also and thats what makes it great everything a girl think and would want is in this poem! Great work!
This poem has been swirling around in mind for the last year! That's how powerful the poem is to me. I had this site bookmarked and when the computer crashed, I lost it. I finally found it again,tonight! This has got to be one of the most prolific, on point uses of imagery I have ever had the pleasure of reading. If you never write another piece, but I hope you do, this one has got to go down as one of the best! Stay cool!
This is beautiful, This poem is truly what God pefer love to be about. The fact Love should start in our minds because once it's in your mind , your whole being will respond off of you mind. Eternal love is not physical but mental, keep up the great inspiration.
I sent this poem to my friend in hopes that she would realize just how I feel about her. Thanks so much
Intimate Knight, you have indeed slain the dragons of false love. Well done.
Oh my God! I am about to cry. Your poem is so very true. Especially since i am in a long distance relationship. I am sending this to my man right away!
Oh my God, this poem really touched me. It is so good to see a guy express his feelings so well. Keep up the good work Intimate Knight. I loved this poem.
This is beautiful. This poem should be given to newly married couples, so they will see what's to come, if their love is true. To be able to make love with your mate with your mind is the ultimate, eternal love we should all seek to find in this life.
I wrote you a personal note which was turned down for various reasons but in any event, I just wanted you to know I was right behind you on this one. Keep up the good work/
can a heart climax?
Intimate Knight, what can i say, im so inspired by your poem. To think that a person looks beyond the passion and thinks with there mind is a wonderfull thing. Thank you for writting such a poem. luved it.
Way cool poetry. Mentally and sexually stimulating
This is breathtaking. I am at a loss for words. This is so true, if only more men knew the importance of the mental, rather than the pleasures of the physical.
This hit the nail right on the head.
this hit right to the heart. I really enjoy this poem due to It hits home, for me and I love the way you write. both your poems are good, but this one great job. I would like to see more poetry from you. rate 10
the mind will win always but sometimes when love is far away it is all that can be sometimes touch must be imagined cos it can never be real
This poem made my day, week, etc.
sensuous and strong. articulate and artistic. great!
real time can never replace cyber land you said it all
It touched me to my heart no lie. i understood what you said and i feel the same way that you do even though your the opposite sex.
its nice to here that there really are guys out there who think like this.I love you poem,it kinda left me speechless. that poem was incredable.
Your poem spoke to my heart.

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