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This poem is about wanting your first time to be beautiful and not feeling badly.

Don't Take Me Like That

Please, Baby, don't take me like that,
With hard feelings and hurtful touches;

But make it like you promised,
Sweet, Innocent, and True, like you are to me.

And make me feel your body come into mine
with all of the love and precious feeling you can give;

Make me feel beautiful and not dirty.
Make me feel your love.
Make me feel the man you are.

Kiss me, Love me, Tease me.
But please, Baby, don't take me like that...
With dirty hands and dirty thoughts.
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15 Visitor Comments

I really enjoyed the poem because it was good due to theh fact that when you are intimacy with someone you want them to be gentle with you. I liked it very much because I have never read a poem about intimacy
This poem is so beutiful you have gift i'm looking forward to reading some more of your stuff
i love it!. that was every lady's desire
I really loved that poem. I have sent to one of my ex boyfriends. I hope relize that he hurt me in that kind of way
Awesome poem! It shows why it is supposed to be called making love, not @#$%&*!
i think that every guy i have ever known should read this poem, i have just sent it to my boyfriend, it will be interesting to see how he takes it but i believe that this is true!
i think that is one of the bast poem i ever read
That poem is a really good one. I havent read one in a while that I've liked that much. keep them coming!
It's not only about the first time. It's about every time. I was touched.
very well written very seldom does a poet say so much with so little. all of us guys should read this and take it to heart when we are with the ones we love be it the first time or the thousandth time.
Poet, you make a good point in this poem. Love-making is always better when there is care and mutual respect involved. Sex is a beautiful moment between two people. It should not be treated as something 'dirty.'
This was a deep poem and yet the length so little. You said so much in just a few words, I respect that. I enjoyed your poem. Thanks.
EXACTLY!! This one is going to my significant other as soon as I'm done typing!!
Treats a very real topic. Every woman should relate to this - and every guy should read it
This is a wonderful portrayal of the first time. I wish I had been able to give this to him.You write with great passion, keep up the good work.

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