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This poem was written after spending a rainy day with the man I love. Rain does not have to leave you feeling cold and shivering. With the right person even in a cold rain you can feel the warmth and beauty of love's embrace. May rain fall on you today.

Rain's Embrace

Cold, quiet rain gently falling
Yet the dampness we don't feel;
For our bodies are absorbed in each other
Hot as the heat from hell.

You lead me slowly into the woods
Place a quilt on the ground;
The noise of nature is all around us
Yet the beating of our hearts is the only sound.

Your kiss is gentle, yet demanding
My body arches to feel
The touch of your hand, the feel of you
Without resistance to you, I yield.

You taste the essence of my body
You bring more pleasure than I've ever known
I give myself to you completely
The quietness is disturbed by our groans.

You rise above me with a sudden urgency
Our needs are great, we both have found;
Our hearts pounding with anticipation
We become one, lying there on the ground.

Rain has never been more beautiful
As we lie together in each other's embrace;
The taste of you, the feel of nature
A beautiful moment - in my memory forever encased.
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13 Visitor Comments

finally a real sex poem,not no cheezy. real sex poems are suppost to make u think your there,and thats what this writer did.
I loved it! That was so romantic!
well its nice to see that a name (moondance ) and your poetry which I read with such passion can be inspired by another great poet MR Van Morrison ,truely is a marvelous day for a moondance , (would really love to know you !
Hey,i really liked the poem. it really described some of the adventures i've had with my boyfriend. you have a gift to write poetry from the heart. keep on writing girl!
I love it!! I was married on a VERY rainy day. Rain is so beautiful to me and your poem made me think of another reason why I love it. Thank you!!
Rain haters, eat your heart out!
This is one of my fantasies.rain is so sexy and stimulating and you put in words very well!
I loved this poem.i hope you put more online..
very beautiful and real
Just loved every thought brought forth in the poem..Of course,while reading the poem ,I had my love in my thoughts
This is what i want, This is a great poem
Loved the poem and shared it with someone else who also loves the rain.

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