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I think we have all gone through periods of our life where we are very unsure of what we are doing and where we are going. The same thing happens with relationships. They change, they evolve, they end. We usually have little choice in the matter. In this particular relationship. . .I didn't want anything to change. Thankfully, it turned out for the best. And I'm closer to this person than I've ever been. . .

I Miss

I miss the Nothingness of our friendship,

Before things got complicated with the word "love."

I miss when nothing was expected and all was given.

But now, high hopes are crushed my low realities.
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18 Visitor Comments

This poem reminds me and my friend mario cause I'm going there a trashly relationship with my mom so mario is between cause he say those four words to me to and he mint it cause he loves me very he will do any thing for a friendship= a relationship will never be a part.
well i like this poem it reminds me of how me and my best friend went out but then broke up. We were close but now that we stopped talking to each other it has all ben a mess.
This reminds me of a friend I had. We still are but do not talk much. I told him. sorta how I felt. I knew that he could and I would never be. but I will never forget his eyes. Beautiful, listening and yet filled with pain. He will always be in my heart.
I've just gotton out of a relationship with my "best Friend". I totally understand what you are saying. It is hard when there is passion between friends. Also sometimes its worth the risk, other times its not. You just have to know your Bestfriend well enough. Love is great!
hmmm! nice poem! real nice. ! falling in love with anyone, esp. ur best friend is not in ur hands. but when u do. make sure the steps u take are extra careful. u dont want to lose both ur love and best friend. it hurts. more than words can say!
I too have fallen in love with my best friend,We dont even talk anymore. Thanks this poem really hit my heart. The sadest thing is I never told him how I felt.
it totally relates to how I'm feeling right now toward this guy I've known since I was just beginning highschool,I love it.
very familiar way of writing I love it same name as a friend of mine who I am in love with right now, sounds like something she would say.Beautiful.
it's so touching to me.. great
How your simplicity cuts right into my heart! I am currently facing so much confusion and heartache because my good friend and I decided to birng our friendship one step further and it doesnt seems to be working out too well. Its so true, love complicates things, and only make me long for the time when it was the simplicity of the friendship that was so easy.
i luV ur poeM ! ..n yeah there's always somethinG missing..blah
Describing a certain stage of love life..
simple and straight to the point. Few words can say more than a thousand sometimes things that seem so complicated can be summed up so quickly with writing down your primal emotions.
Just great! Though in such a simple and concise way, this poem describes exactly what I feel. Thank you!
short and your name haha
all these poems about losing a best friend by finding out u love each other scare me. i love my best friend and i dont want anything about our friendship to be messed up from it...its a scary thought of him not being my best friend forever.
I really like this was short but sweet and right to the sorta makes me realize that even though my best friend and I are just that best friends...that I should be happy for what we have...instead of wanting more and ending up with nothing in the end....thanks....:)

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