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My Best Fried ( Yes, a guy ) and I had this big fight...I miss him, but mostly we are both too stubborn to reconcile. Meanwhile, we both hurt way too much for just friends...

I Finally Love You

Things were so quiet-
What could I do but think?
Trapped in the screaming hush of white-washed halls...
My god, what could I do,
But think of us, ( If we ever were)
And I push away, force this hurt to silence
Pretend I'm OK..
It seems like we are at an impasse, you and I,
And you are pulling me back,
And I am fighting like hell,
Resisting at all cost, this game...
That neither of us can win
I Love You.
Please, please, please go away,
What can I do if I love you-
But let you go?
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21 Visitor Comments

i could So feel this.
meachmam gurl
this poems is one of the best ones
its beautiful and true
this poem is great. you have a lot of talent. you put your true feelings on paper. thats great poetry.
Love this. Excellent!
WOW. to love and lost is a miraculous thing. But to never love. how horrible that would be. wonderful poem, written very well.
i think this one is so cool.
Hmmmmmmmm. Interesting. But at least you realised that the guy really Luved you. I guess i fell for a gal who really hated my guts.
This poem was the best thing i have ever read i mean words cant discribe how much this poem relates to mean it is out of this world. i am like madly in love with my best friend jason and i cant stand the way i feel. this poems relates to that. you are really a mircale writter!
I just let someone I love go... because I believed that the right thing to do. I grieve, but my doubts about my sanity have been alleviated by this poem. Truly...
All I can say is I love it!!!!!
a very touching a nd detailed poem that really tells the story of the two who had fallen out. very deep and meaningful edges.
I love your poem. It speaks to me. I went out this guy 7yrs ago for 6 months and he still lives in my heart. I have two serious relationships after thta but he has never faded away. I still communicate with him but I think we are both too proud to admit to ech other that the love still burns inside. I like him alot and he does too. He dumped me at the time we broke up. I just need him to prove to me that he is still as in love with me as he was before. My heart beats 100 times everytime I think about him. He was my first love.
I can relate to this situation... However if you really love this person why did you let them go??
This poem says it all, the pain of loving your best friend hurts worse than if a lover leaves.
Great poem! Exactly hits the point. But I still hope that it's possible to let someone go, while that one still stays part of one's life.
I love this poem because it reminds me of what my best guy friend and I went through.
i like you poem
Thank you for expressing what I've been experiencing. Keep writing, it's a blessing.
i think its great but the part were u say that u lover her and u have to let her go i dont get it.
I love the poem I Finally Love You. I went through the same thing with my guy best friend.

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