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When I am alone, I can't help thinking about my special friend. He is nice and very thoughtful to me. I love him and know he likes me. But I also know that I am just his special friend. One day, when I was on the train, something in my mind popped. I may have been weary with unrequited love. If, if he says he doesn't like me...... could I forget him ? No, I can't...I want to... but I don't want to...

This is the first time I've submitted a poem. I am Japanese, and it is very difficult for me to write a poem in English. So that I tried to made it simple like the Japanese traditional poems.

One Stab

Please tell me
You do not love me
Please tell me
I am nothing to you
Please, Just one word

To try to forget about you

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20 Visitor Comments

it's simple yes but really does speak volumes, very touching and explains the true pains it is to be in love with a friend
Very small but very bold and loud. Beautiful and full of crativity! Thank you for sharing this with us.
Wonderfull - a very touching poem.
shadow heart
excellent. simple and so effective! i can relate really well.
The words are short but the meaning deep
you are amazing your poem touched my heart. thank you !
How the words ring true.
This poem is very meaningful even though it is short it has much to say but you often wonder why does a friendship have to be sad
I loved the simplicity, and yet it holds such strong emotions that can only be explained in a few words.
I loved this poem. Haiku-like in it's simplicity it still manages (as a haiku should) to convey complex emotions.
ur poem is great, it goes directly to my soul, thanx for sharing it
Kudos, this poem was just rife with the elements of "tortured artist" I enjoyed it with a muchness and hope to see more by her. 'Specially that last line. Quite zingy.
Ouch! This is one powerful piece of poetry!
How unimaginable it would be to create such a poem with the simple magic of a pen.
Searching the web tonight, for somthing to send to: HIM. I am in agony with feelings of desire and love for him, we just hooked up via e-mail and instant messenger after 24 yrs...and im married, i send your poem to him, and now pray
This poem really hit home with me, and the simplicity of the poem made it much stronger than if it was complicated
very will put, I can understand the feeling.
What, can one say but really well put. The poem simply just hit the nail right on the spot. It is simple but yet so beautyful complex, it do makes you wander a hole lot dont it...=)

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