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This poem was inspired by the one night I spent in this guy's arms. It just so happened that he was a very good friend of mine and very much taken and I was falling for him. And there were times when I just wanted to wrap my arms around him and forget the world.

So I wrote this poem to remind me that things can't be the way I want them to be - especially if I want to keep the friendship the way it was.

Hands Off

When things get too comfy,
And voices fade slowly,
Please remind me quietly
to take my hands off.

When we start moving together,
And our lips start moving closer,
Please remind me gently
to take my hands off.

When things get serious,
And talk gets intimate,
Please tell me softly
to take my hands off.

When smiles exchanged become knowing,
And we can't seem to stop staring,
Please tell me quietly
to take my hands off.

When standing away is not an option,
And cuddling under covers is the only alternative,
Please tell me
to take my hands off.

When you are not mine to keep
and you're not mine to love,
When lines are crossed,
hurt just seems to grow,
So when things start heating up
and passions start running high,
Please tell me gently
To take my hands off of you.
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66 Visitor Comments

my friends and i can"t stop reading this poem so romantic great poem. . write more we will be glad to read more from you good job keep it up supper:)
Fantastic depth and flavour to grasp the intricate relation of friendship between Man and Woman. how at times, just for that fleeting momment, it can change. Great!
I really loved this poem, It relates to a situation I was in recently, and I sent a copy to the man it spoke of for me and I only wish we would have taken its advise. we would still be friends.
I liked it cause it is sometimes true
this happens to me, falling with my guy friend who is very much taken. it really hurts, but then, i need to take my hands off from him for it is not good. i also spent it one night with him. but because of, Hands Off, nothin happens! i really like this poem!
I's very nice,i wish i could write a beatiul poem like that one day.
Wow, I really like this poem. I can i. d. with this and its serious. Thank you for shareing this poem with us.
I have been loving this poem for the longest time. I first read it in 1998. it is like the story of my life. I would like to put it on my myspace page as my favorite poem.
This one really touched me and made me cried. love it!
One of the best poems I have read from the net. A++++++++++
amazing poem. i loved it.
That poem really touched my heart. I have someone I really love and that poem helps me to keep my distance. If I really love this person. I will wait.
I love your poem! My Ex and I still like each other but he has gf so everytime we see each other thats what we tell ourselves. Good job.
I recognized exactly the things that I´ve experienced with my girlfriend. We too don´t want to cross the line, but it´s so hard most of the time. Thank you for your words!
when she says just friends but attraction is still there that is what this is about. i love u danielle
I really don't know if you are a female or a male but i relly feel your poem. Very nice keep up with your talent soon you will see my poem next to yours.
what a great poem. it more relates to my friend and he always wants to cuddle but i have to remind him of what we are. and that just friends. well written. loved it
i agree with katie. my friend which is a boy cares for me alot but dont want to do anything to hurt.
This poem was really good i almost cried
This is a good poem! i understand how the writter feels. I currently broke up with my bf whom i still really love. When we got togther after skool for a chat, i couldnt help myself and made my move. he rejected cos he said he didnt want to hurt me:(
I love this poem because it expresses what I feel for my best friend also. He cares about me very much and I am falling in love with him.
i'm not a poetry lover but i really liked your work. it wsa very brave of you to accept things and face what is reali salute you for that!
That was amazing. Only thing is, I just can't do that with my best friend. I am completely in love with him, but he is scared, as he is younger than me and can't admit to his feelings. I really struggle to keep my hands off of him everytime I see him!
awesome poem!
Moonshyne. I just wanted to thank you for writing such a moving poem. It has applied to my life more than one since the first time I read it. And I know it will as I continue on. This poem will forever be a part of me and I will never forget it. Thank you!
this is a really nice poem . in a way .. is how i feel..
This is the poem that i need to give to one of my best friends. This poem explains everything and it is ver good.
This poem was awesome. It made me cry because it made me think of the relationship I am in right now. Not really there but things still always seem to happen.
This poem defines my life. thanks!
this poem was amazing moonshyne, it said everythin that i ever feel when i'm with my best friend. We both agree that there's something between us so mch more than "just good friends" but as much as we have love he is in love with his girl, everything gets so complicated at times and we also have to remember "hands off". you put into words a very painful situation, ur poem truly touched my heart, thank u.
I can really relate to this poem as I am in a similar situation. I'm married so is the guy so we are both married people who love each other but can't because of our marriage barrier and religion barrier.
This poem is wonderful... i love my best friend but am too afraid to tell him... although we sometimes cross the line... it's just so scary to let it happen
i love this poem it reminds me of me and my ex-boyfriend and how we use to act to one another but happily we have gotten back together!
I like this poem becuase it has happened to me,well it is happening right now. I am in love with my best friend, and we have shared a kiss, and then things got werid, well now we are friends again; however, again I am falling really hard for him, and this poem is just a reminder to me that I have to keep my hands off, so we can be friends.
great poem.
this is one of the best i've ever read! very nice job!
oh my gosh~ this says everyting i have wanted too~me and my best friend are going through the same thing~ he is so great but there is a line we can't cross because we both have someone else~you have a great talent stick with it~
Fits my situation perfectly!!!!! It is exactly how I feel about a married man I work with. I sent it to him.
It seems that we are all cursed with the wanting of what we can never have. It shows great love when we deny ourselves that conquest for the sake of the lover. Bravo! I pray that I can be that strong!
I love your poem. I'm on the same boat. Nicely written.
This poem describes my situation perfectly. You are a genius. I've been looking for a way to say everything that you just said. Thank You!
Moonshyne, you know exactly how I feel.thanks for putting words to the feelings that I have been having, and putting them down so eloquently.
It was a perfect way to express that what the girl wanted to do was right for her and her forbidden love, but not for the rest of the world. It also shows the progression of closeness between friends, and that it is usually not for lust but for love.
What a beautiful poem! I can certainly understand that torn feeling that comes from what is not meant to be.
I loved this poem. I can really relate to her, but on the other side, i have a man, but i know my friend is falling for me, and i just want him to know nicely that i just want to stay friends, and this poem came close enough.
This poem made my day. Thanks
I think this poem rocks!! :) I can relate to it as well as a friend and I both have feelingf ro each other but it would be fatal to start anything. I love this poem!!!
I just love it
i love the poem
This poem says everything I should've said.
Wow. When I read this I thought to myself, "Wow. Can this person read my mind?" I love my best friend with all my heart, and he loves me too, but he also loves his girlfriend. Whenever we're together we have to remind ourselves the same things. You have much talent. Keep writing!
I loved this poem!
I love this poem it is awesome and very well written.
i am married so i dont have this problem, but i remember when i wish someone would just say "hands off".this is such a great poem. you are a great writer "good luck" not that you need it.
Girl, you sure did shyne like the moon on this one. It seems like all the relationships that i have been in have been like this, but the only problem is that I usually just jump right in without any though like that which is expressed in this poem. I usually end up breaking off the relationship that I may be in at the time and start a new because the passion with that friend was too overwhelming. Mind you that that was not alway the correct decision.
this poem is the best thing i have ever read. it remindes me of my relationship with my best friend, how i dont want ot go to far with him
I don't know what ti was about this poem that made me like it so much. It doesn't even apply to me. It just seemed so realastic (in a way) :o)
I love this poem.. it says everything I've been wanting to say...
This is how my best friend and I are. I can totally relate with this because him and I can't be together.
The poem was very moving.
I loved this poem!!
just beautiful!
I think this poem is wonderful. I was looking for a way to express myself and the way I feel but, I don't have writing ability. But, I found this poem and it was the next best thing. Thank you!
if only i had the will to say those words..
i really like the poem!!!! its repeating lines help 2 make the poem unique and imaginaitve....i think this is one of my favorites..

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