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This is a poem about the beauty of friendship... about eventually falling in love, in more than one way, with your best friend. It is about realizing that one person knows you better than anyone one else, and you love and cherish that aspect of your relationship.

One Last Time

If I ever needed it
or if it was ever wanted,
I would get it from you
and I could ask this of you...
forever and ever, because I know it's always there -
and I know you're always there.

So if I cry and ask you to never leave...
just say "ok" please.
And I'm thinking that I never had to tell you that -
because you know,
don't you?
You've known every time.
So someday we'll dance
and I know the whole world will want to cut in,
but you won't let them...
and I can't let them -
because I think I might need to hold on to you forever...
one last time.
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21 Visitor Comments

Very touching. makes a person take time to think about what's really important.
How touching!
WOW! That is excatly how i feel when I am around Matt, my best friend whom I have fallen in love with, those excat words seem to rumble in my mind. It is so strange to fall in love with your best friend and it is so complicated.
This peom helped me be able to express how much my best-friend means to me
thank you this pomem goes out to Josh.
Great job that is the best one that i read today
the poem is sweet and touching.
My friend just left for the army this morning, and this poem totally captured the way I feel about him. Thank you for writing it. it's amazing.
Hey this is an amazing poem! I'm printing it out for a close friend of mine. don't worry, I'm keeping you name on it, Ryan. Thanks so much for sharring your talent! I know this will touch his heart!
i thought it was good
wonderful. it describes perfectly the relationship between me and my closest guy friend.
I just had to say something about this poem! I've read almost every love poem on this website and this is the only one that i like! You are the only person that I've ever found that can actually explain the feeling of being in love.
I wept, for it is my existence that you describe so gracefully, so perfectly ...
Wonderful poem thru which i gotta love my friend... thanks very much
This poem is beautiful. It speaks to my heart and a relationship that I am in.
it said everything i wanted to say. thank you !
nice poem you got there!!!!!!keep up the good work!!!
I just love this site.
This poem is the perfect way to expres it to my best friend in the whole world. I love you Kev.
I love this poem it is so deep it really touches my heart I mean I have never felt such deep emotions but as I read the poem it felt as if they were my own .

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