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Sometimes life hands us things that "just happen", be it good or bad. Because we are mortal, we all make mistakes. Because we are human, we feel them.

Having an illicit affair is one thing, but when it's with your best friends husband . . . it's another. This poem was written from the stance of the betrayer.

The How And Why

How has this sinful journey become my flight . . .
Why am I suddenly, morally un-right
My best friend's husband, now my delight
How does something so wrong, feel so right

We started out just "party buds", you see
Please don't pass judgement on me
For nearly 15 years I've known this man
Why is it now he takes my hand

Sure, their marriage was rocky
that was true
Why was I to seal their doom
I was vulnerable and weak when he fueled my desires . . .
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10 Visitor Comments

I voted for this poem because I have been in this persons shoes. I am guilty for the same reason of falling for my best friends husband. Him and I are really close, but their marriage was already falling apart before we even got to know each other.
it was touching and very spiritful, if you know what I mean.
Ms. Varrie
I voted this poem because the author wasn't afraid to admit to a sinful affair. If it was me I would have came up with many excuses to defend myself. To make a long story short I love this poem because there was no excuses made for the 2 friends lust.
hey i know most people would judge you and i to do but your love will be alriht and so will your friendship believe it or not!
i can relate to this poem cause it is exactly how i am with my step-dad's step-brother! we love each other but my step-dad says nothing will ever happen between us but we are still meeting secretly and we will be together. soon!
wow. i am speechless. i am in thi ssituation now. i have lost a good friend over this but very in love with the guy. i just wanted to say we cant go back n change things and i dont think i would want to anyway. thx bye
This is just the most honest and heart sent poem i have ever read.Great.
Im feeling this poem. It was real
wow. i really like this. It just shows how helpless you can feel-- wanting something but not strong enough to deny it. a lot of emotion well said

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