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I wrote this poem after I made a terrible mistake. I drank a little too much one night and I tried to make more out of a friendship with one of my best guy friends. Things happened and now he cannot talk to me. I can no longer apologize, for it is not doing any good, and I was at a loss for words to what to say to him. So, I wrote this poem

The Mistake You Cannot Forget

You say you cannot forget
And you aren't ready to forgive
But I need your friendship
More than you'll even know
I need you there to live

Without you by my side today
Life's been going, oh so slow
I miss your calls
Our endless talks
The places we would go

You can't even bear to look at me,
And I know my mistake
For because of one night,
And a few thoughtless actions,
When you saw me you ran and hid

I know we cannot take it back
As much as we would like to
But we could forget
And start all over
Just friends, that's me and you

If time is what you need,
Then I guess that's what you'll get
But I need you there for me soon,
My friend,
I hope you will forget.
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192 Visitor Comments

OMG that was very touching i just loved it ashlie u are a very confident person about friendship matters. i say once again VERY TOUCHING POEM.
that was extreemley touching
Gurl i love your poem this is so sweet ima read dis 2 my man we mite get bac 2getha!
this is a sweet but sad poem it touched my heart
I really liked ur poem. i think is something we all would like to say but sometimes it's hard. Thanxs now i feel brave in case i eva wanna do it.
omg love it again can u send it 2 me plzzz.
Hey,I really felt your poem. I made a mistake like that,but I was upset with my B/f cause he told me he love this other girl,But I loved your poem,It made me look at my mistake different.
this is beautiful
This poem says everything that I've been trying to say to my ex boyfriend for months now but I didnt know how to say it. He still hasn't forgiven me but it's getting a little bit better.
cause i too have been in that position
This poem is so true, but people need to forgive and forget they are hurt that may be true but you need people to be there with you to help. Sometimes it may be that person you need to spend time with.
i think that is a great poem
yeah! i like the poem actualy its happend to me
wow, that touched me so much. Im going through almost the same thing right now. Except this guy already knows I have feelings for him, just didn't know how strong they were until i got really drunk, and was crying that i needed to see him. now he has made himself more distant from me. I miss his phone calls, everything she misses.
i love this it is sweet
I loved it. it was sweet and true to my life right now
This poem is really good. I am going to print it off and give a copy to my boyfriend. You are a really good writer.
i loved the poem. it described a night i had last year. it was a mistake and it took alot of time to get over, but now we are still the best of friends. thank you x
Your poem makes really great sence. I just got out of a serois relationship and thats excatly how im feeling. Im going to print this off and give it to him. And who knoes maybe it will work!
very good
This poem was sad and I cried and I know a 15yr girl cries at poems it werid I love poems because it tells how the other person is feeling.
i love this poem. its kool
La Sad Eyes
I think this poem is great cuz you do misttakes and you want to take it back but you can't. I like this poem alot
These poeoms are great. They help to express your feelings in so many ways. They speak for you when u just can't find the words to do so.
i like this poem!it's related on what happened between me and my friend,it touch my heart when i read this,!and then i start remembering my past days with him. it's hard for me to forget one true friend.
I really can relate to you
Well i like this poem alot cause its what happened to me and my ex damien he cheated on me but the thing in the poem dat catch my eye was the bit where it sed you ran and hide dats what happened i saw him but i was so hurt i ran off and hid but it is over between us and it always will bei hope he has learned never to cheat on a gurl probably not lol xXxXxX but well done to eva wrote dis
awsome! seriously! it touched me. I can compeletly relate. In two ways. I am glad i ran into this i atleast know how to use it now. I should talk to you about this more. hit me up. please and thanx.
Your poem is my feeling. It's a good Poem. Tks for your inspirations. I can tell my friend what i felt now.
i really liked this poem it really touched me and whoever wrote it your a great writer!
well i might be the only guy to comment on this page but i know what your talking about, ive had the same kinda thing happen to me and its the worst feeling in the world
I like this poem it reminds me of when i let my friend down and caused her pain in a way i didnt mean to but i guess u cant redo the past all u can do is live the present . this poem really touched and Ashlie i just want to say ur a good poet and don't let anyone tell u ur not thnx
i really liked this poem
wow this poem is really great. it really spoke to me.
This is a great poem for us young people
i liked this one a lot cause it almost happen to me
Hey i love this is is sooooo awesome it reminds me of so much of my life thats why i love it hey thatnks for putting it on this site
Some fool people just let the friendship end and contenue for the love they want without knowing if they win or they will be accept. but dont blame your heart, be happy,. atleast you try to be true with what you are fell.
I really like this poem and it is the truth.
i love this poem it reminds me of the situation im in right now with my best friend! i just love it!
when i read this poem i thought of a friend that did something with my boy friend and she should have gave me this poem cause i would have forgaven her. MABY but this poem is so good.
it was a terrific poem
I loved the poem, It touched on things that i'm going through now. GREAT POEM
that is a really good poem because of that poem me and my x-boyfriend are talking again and we are going to star over as friends and see how thangs go so thank you for making that poem. Yours Truly Pepper Akerman P. s that is a realy good poem i hope i read more of your poems.
that wz great!i liked it v much,cz the same i wantd to say 2 one of my friend. THANK YOU!
this is the best poem ever! HOLLA AT YO GURL
i really liked the poem it really said some true things about friends. because their are some friends that you wish that you could have back again and maybe you never know one day you two may become best of friends again. thanks: Tiffanyt Dollarhide/Swearengin
i think it was great
Nice Poem, It nice to know that people still around the world believe friendship is eternal than other materialistic things.
This is one of the best poems I ever read.
this is unbelieveable the same thing has just happened to me and i now know that someone else shares the same problem x
this is a realy toutchy poem,because not a lot of things touch me and that did.
this poem when i first read ut i was like OMG like its number 2
that is the best poem ever! i love it! it made me cry 2 remeber what i've done and how i wish i haden't.
I think that is just a great poem.
This poem touched me and made me cry because its happend to me and i would forget because of this poem. It makes you think deeper of how amazing a best friend is and that they dont actually grow off trees. Thankyou! Becki x
WOW, this poem has touched me in every way! I have the same thing that has happened to me and i don't know what to do Gurl keep writing poems it natural for you so write anotherone! I loved it!
wow! i really like this poem. i can relate to it. im kinda going through the same thing with one of my friends.
wow! this poem is wonderful. it reminds me of how me and my best friend were when i was being really bad. i am best friends with her now, and i love her as much as she loves me. today is her birthday, and i am so happy to be able to spend this special day with her. you dod a wonderful job on this poem.
I would like to vote on this poem i want to give it 3 stars i think it was great
u have created a poem on the condition which i m passing through.
i think that the poem was really good
i love your poem because it make me think of me when i went out with my boyfriend cuz and i ask him to forgive me beause i no what i did was wrong
i liked the poem a lot and realized it sorta describes me.
I would like to vote for this poem because it really touched me i had the same problem when i misbehaved to my boyfriend it was a good relieve which helped me a lot thank you very much ashile.
i like this poem because i am in your situation kinda i like my friend a lot but i am scared if we go out our friendship will be over after that! but i am not sure though but its awesome poem girlie good luck
I was touched by this poem. it really spoke to me. it was exactly what happened to a friend and me. we were good friends and then we started dating. it was a lot of fun but then started to get really dark. and the poem just says it all. thank you
I really have to say that i'm going through that right now with my friend. We used to do everything together and one night it took another course only to leave us not seeing each other for fear of god knows what.
Great poem and sadly I can relate.
la giggels
i just wont you to know i realy loved this poem. the same thing happend to me and my guy friend now things are kinda quiet between us. i hope you guys are friends agen soon/never give up hope okay. love always la giggles
i really liked this poem. i've done things like that in the past and it's difficult to get over them. good poem. true.
Why do we always have to loose the most important people in our lives just because of stupid once off thoughtless action? This is a brilliant poem, keep it up.
This is a very nice poem! i GUESS U R REALLY SORRY, THATS A GOOD FRIEND!i give u props!:)
Nur Aishah
Hey. your poems somehow relates to my story to. Well people will forgive but its hard for them to forget. its humans nature.
it is a verry good poem i think it has alot of meaning if you look at it the right way
That was great i loved it. It reminded me of one of my old friends. It fit us perfect.
That was an excellent poem i can really relate to that!
i love this poem
I really liked dis poem becuz its something that i wanna say 2 tha person i like.
That Peom Rembmers me of me and this guy i was with for a very long time. We got in a fight and no we no longer talk. I miss him and I really like your peom. Thank you 4 letting me read it
This often happens when guys and gals get together and theres alcohol involved. I bet if you did want to do it again, youd at least minus the alcohol so you could really have a memorable experience.
i liked this poem because it reminded me of a boy i used to love and i wish he would say some of those words to me but i know that is not ever going to happen because he treated me so bad
Your Poem touched me. It hit the spot of were I am right now. I just got into an arguement with a friend 2 days ago. we didn't walk home together. we didn't even look at eachother. I tried calling her to make things right but she either hung up on me or she would not answer. then yesterday she didn't go to school I was bummed out that she still felt mad I thought that maybe since we sat next to each other in our 3rd period we could talk things through but we obviously can't if she's not there. then today i heard from other people who didn't know what had happend who have her for first period that she was talking badly about me and calling me names. I was dissappointed and it really mad me sad I don't want my friends talking crap behind my back you know but then again I can forgive and forget because I care way too much. Our friends tried to make us talk at lunch since we were sitting like right next to each other and yet we didn't look at eachother and she didn't make any effort to try and talk to me as I did for her. Our friends were yelling at us telling us that it doesn't affect them just us and that we were too close to let it all go down in flames. My fingers are still crossed and will stay that way until we make up.
This really touched me. My best friend and I have done things that we should not of done, but nither one of us know how to stop. We are really enjoying the attention we give one another that way. But we are both married! Think you are worse off?
*Friends do come and go, but if you been thier friend forever, always be. Cause if your sad or down who's gonna cheer you up!
Just the sort of poem I was looking for, I said a few harsh comments to my friend today, and the hurt he felt hit me quite unexpected, I am devistated knowing he may never speak to me again and give away my gifts. I think this poem sums up how I feel, I just hope he doesnt delete it before reading it, I live in hope he will not disolve our friendship, as he is my best friend.
i love this poem because it makes me think of how much my friendships mean to me and how much i want to keep them friendships so i wont have to lose them like the person did in this poem
A question to the people who have been touched by this poem: Is it really a bad thing to fall in love with your friend? Can there be love without friendship? Can there be friendship without love? If so what is Love?
Outstanding! Most poems like these comes from the heart because it was lived thru that person. very nice and so true!
OMG this is unbelievable! I am in the exact same situation right now and this poem just illustrates my exact feelings and the whole story. i actually sent it to my best friend/ex bf and he might just forgive. i just wanna say thank you !
I love this poem, it reminds me of me and my best friend with benifits, I love him and i need him but its just like your poem.
this is exactly wat the two closets poeple in ma life are going through. its like u jus read their minds and wrote this poem. thanx alot. least now i no dat they are not alone.
My so called best friend did this to me. know she asks for forgiveness because she hurt me by cheating with my boyfriend. I came to face taht it happend and just ready your poem i shall for give for all the pain the two caused me and the sorrow. I f I didnt read your poem i wouldnt forgive her. This is 2 diffrient storys. But they r the same in many ways once again thank u red
This is a great poem, My best friend, and I have a Baby together. We talk but its not the same. Thing have changed in so many ways.
Hey I thort the poem was awesome and really meaningful. hope u and ur friend worked things out love Grace
You have all my votes on this poem. It was a great poem. I really enjoyed reading it. Im hopeing i will be reading a lot more from you.
I love this poem. I can really relate to what it is saying right now.
this poem is really awesome. it relates to me in a way too istill love hearing it everytime i read it
This poem really was a story of my life a few months ago i did the same thing with a close guy friend who HAD a girlfriend. it sucked but he was willing to forget. still it hasn't been the same. i guess its a lesson to all us youngsters. alcohol does nothing but cause trouble. Stay Clean!
Hey umm yeah this happen to me to. Love it A+++++
i really love your poem me and my best friend are haveing a really hard time right know,because we did some thing very simaler to what you wrote about so im going to e-mail this poem to hem and maybe hell call me so that we can talk abuot what happened (thank you) hellena
I like this poem because it reminds me of a friend of mine and something I did wrong to them. It expresses my feelings truly, even if I can't.
You could feel her pain and her hope of being forgiven. I enjoyed the poem.
i luv this poem it is so good!
This is a really great poem. I really related to it.
i cheated on my beautiful boyfriend who i love alot at a party onenight he found out but ever since then he want forget i wish he would your poem touched me and i think we have somthing in commen thank you
Very heart jerking and true
That was very touching and sad.
Lovely poem very touching, Deeply, It describes me and a person who I want to be my friend.
Thats a really nice poem 10/10. It makes me feal how you feal, it catches the readers attention and it creates emoctions for the person. I know i cant say this but comon just forgive the girl she would die for you!
i think its good and it reminds me of something that happen to me one nite. its good and i think you are a good wrtier.
i can relate to your poem, because one night i had alittle to much to drink and that night i lost my bestfriend. that was 5 months ago, and he still hasn't said a word to me.
I can relate to this poem because of my best friend Paul. I love him and we did mess around and as much as i wanted to be more something held me back. We played around and flirted and i fell in love with him then he comes back and says hes gay and things were never the same. we harley even talk now. i LOVED this poem.
this poem is one of the most realistic things ive ever read, im going through a hard time right now with my best friend of 7 yrs and she broke up our friendship after those 7 yrs b/c we kissed. and ever since then ive been a total wreck and i often end up asking myself y did i have to ask her. but this poem really opens my eyes and is exactly the feeling im feeling.
i liked this poem because it touched me because i am going through the same thing as what this poem is about .
This poems is Beautiful poem it touched depply 100 percent. Beautiful
I really enjoyed reading this poems. It reminds me so much of what i am goin through now wit me X boyfriend. We have become really good friends after the break up and when we went to a party. we acted as if we weren't jus "friends" and now everything has seemed to change. I really wish he knew i want to be his friend again.
you did an awsome job! really please dont stop writing poetry its a real gift and i love the way you express yourself! whats soo funny is i was feeling the same way and when i read your poem i was like WOW!great job keep it up
I loved this poem it touched me in so many ways. It is the same thing i am going through with my "best friend" brian. This helped me realize taht im not the only one. this poem is awesome!
i love this peom it is heart warming and it's good to know that there are some mistakes we all make and we can get through it together
i love this poem
WOW! this is even better than shakespear! I really hope you get your friend back, because I can really tell how deeply you feel for them. I especially liked the line about needing you to live. Yes! That's what its all about.
this peom is really good it reminds me of me and a friend that nolonger are talking but i wish we where but i guess the time will come where we will be talking again.
this poem is the best i have read and i cna relate to it very well
This is a really good poem. It reminds me of what had happened between me and a guy friend last Spring, and we were embrassed to even speak to each other, but now we remain great friends, but I hope this will help others to think before they make their mistakes.
girl you and i are strangers that have one thing in common.
That poem is beautiful! it relates just to me. it makes me want to cry. i lost the bestest friend ive ever had over a dumb mistake. i wish i could share that poem with her but shell never understand. Ive begged her for forgiveness but she will never budge. and that poem really tell me that im not alone.
i totally inderstand where you are coming from. like i had this guy friend since the 9th grade and he knew that i wanted him more than a friend but he wasnt trying to have that. but one day in my senior year he changes his mind and we had that one night together and now he doesnt talk to me like we used to
i think your poem is great keep up the good work girl!
I was once in the same spot w/ a good friend. We became distant. We're still best friends but we'll never forget the incident. I loved the poem it brought out not only you'r feelings but mine too. Your a great writer and i hope you will write more poems like this one!
I really love this poem in fact i loved it so much i used it when i was in deep. Now since i sent this poem to my best friend (who is a boy) now where more than friends where in love and we'll never forget our little fight but we've put it behind us.
i think this poem is the best it is tight andwho ever the female is just wait he will come around and it is not cause he does not like you it is cause you guys were such good friends that he does not know what to feal anymore.
I loved this poem. It was so good! If you like writin poems dont ever quit!
How true one realizes after he looses his friend. Its been a painful journey for me too from the time I lost this friend of mine. Hope she comes back to be the wonderful friend she was.
Hey, I really like your poem. I can realte because I made a really big mistake and left my boyfriend for another guy. He doesn't even want to see me again and is moving to another school. Now all i do is sit at home and think about this!
Hello. I liked your poem. Ims orry that he hasnt spoken to you since that happened. But maybe yo shouldnt think of it as a "mistake". it is testing how strong ur friendship is. And in the end im sure he will come back ready to forgive and forget. Good luck with him.
Great work!
i think this poem is absolutely amazing, i have made loads of mistakes in my relationship (not the same as this one) but we havnt split up but if we did i know i would feel exactly the same way as this writer does.
This poem is just like me and me realy good friend Barry. The same thing happend with us, and I feel the same way, because since then we have been feeling realy weaid when were around eachother. thaks for the great poem!
you are really good in poems and you have my vote
I think this is a really good poem. The exact thing happened to me with one of my really good guy friends. Thanks so much
this is a greatpoem reminds me of a guy i went out with,but now he's gone. he wouldn't even look at me until the last day of school the teacher put us together for an assignment so from then on for the rest of the day we were just friends.
Nice poem and I hope his friend will forgive him bcuz I did mistake and my friend refuse to forgive me I hope he'll some day.
This poem speeks to me. This is the exzact same thing that happened to my best friend.
I really liked this poem because it was genuine and heartfelt. It was also based on experience which makes it even more compelling to me. great job Ash!
i loved your poem
Really wonderful going through the same pain now when will it end?
i'm going to cry because i just made this same mistake
there are some things just not meant to happen and you don't push for them cuz you could be throwing away a good thing, i know cuz it happen to me once and now i can't even talk or look at the guy who did that, he was my best friend.
The poem was great, i had a friend that i lost due to a careless mistake, i love him more than anything in the world. We dated for a while and it didn't work out, and sadly our friendship drifted appart, and now i miss him a lot. he was a great friend, some day i hope he and i will become friends again.
i love this poem. it reminds me of when me and my best friend made a really big mistake, but it didn't ruin our friendship it actually brought us together because we learned that we weren't right for each other and that we were better off as friends
I had a similar incident with an email friend; I thought he wanted more, but neither of us really did It took ages to mend the friendship. I understand you.
This poem is great. I hope you expressed that this is the way you feel to the person it was about.
hey i really liked this poem cause it is expressing what she feels about her friend she lost, and if she reads this i hoipe her and her friend become close again. cause friends are everything to me and i could not live with out my boys or my girls, so everybody should know what she is feeling, so i give her alot of props cause that was a good poem
i really loved it. **
I just wanted to say that i sent this poem to my boyfriend after we got into a huge fight (because of me) and told him that it was exactly how i felt and he called me to talk, and now we are back together 2 years ongoing. Thank You, you are an amazing poet.
i loved the poem. it really touches my heart in a way only you could understand. dont let it get you down, theres always tomarro. always a second chance.
Wow. you make me feel like you can read my feeling!I've been in the same situation. And it took me almost a year before he's willing to talk to me again. But still things can never be as beautiful as it was before:-( Anyway, good job!
i love this poem ive been through what its talking bout.
I love the poem you wrote. It's weird cause I also can relate to this poem. My best firend and I ended up taking things to another level and it was going on for almost 1 year then we ended up falling in love with eachother. Then one day he told me that he needed some time away to get over me because neither him nor I could be together. We both belonged to someone else. It was kind of like a forbidden love. I still love him and he still loves me but our friendship and everything we had will never ever be the same.
i think this poem is great, espically when you know that you are wrong and you are saying sorry and asking for forgiving [i hope he will forgive you]:-)
this was also a great poem i just think u guys should keep writing
I can defintely sympathize with what you are going thru. I did the same thing, only it was me who walked away. Now i want him back :( I hope it works out for you
This poem reminds me of what I have been going through for the last 4 1/2 years. I has happened to me just like the poem says. I would like to know is this the types of poems and stories you write. I would like to see more of your writings.
hi.. I love your poem.. i feel the same way.. just that he came on to me and we ended up together one night. and now we just figth.. he was my best frined.
Ashlie, Very touching :-)
A really passionate poem. I love poems like the one that you wrote Ashlie.
This poem had so much of my feelings,I was stunned. It expressed how I felt. I sent it to my friend and hope he will understand it and call me,
I think your poem is very good. It may make people realize that a friend is all you need when going through troubled times.
I really love this poem, my boyfriend broke up with me last weekend, and I am totally crushed, i am so not used to someone breaking up with me, and I really liked him more than i liked anyone else ever.. so thanks for the poem, it made me feel better.
You touched my heart . I know how it feels . I once made the same mistake . All I hope is that it turns out better for you than it did for me
weel i really liked that poem because i could relate to it very easly. something like has happened to me. i know how much it herts. i love your poem Ashlie
nice.the person to whom this poem is written.forget and forgive!
I love this poem!
I just wamted to say that we all make mistakes and that I hope your friend forgives you. I believe that you will have an even stronger relationship than before because you two overcame this. Good luck!
Such a moving poem. It touches chords so deep within, with so few words.
This poem is perfect. i liked it a lot. It is all about experience.
i love this poem it is really good, it express's the way i feel about my ex of 3 years i made a mistake and now he will not talk to me and all i want to say is sorry and let's be friends thank you so much. I now know how to say it!!!
breathtaking is such an overused word. . . but i cannot think of a better. thank you, Ashlie
i thought you expressed a good point and you are right ....
this was a very good poem i hope you continue to write poems like this im glad i read it.
I think this was a very good poem It reminds me of someone also and keep up the great work... i write poems too
Ashile I really enjoyed your poem, right now I've hurt one of my friends and I don't know if she will for give me. Ashile you are a gifted writter and I can't wait to read some more of your poems.

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