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I've been friends with this wonderful guy for almost five years now, and apart from an initial attraction for him that I felt at the beginning, but never spoke of, that's all we've ever been. Friends.

But then, totally unexpectedly, he suddenly turns around one day and asks me why we never became more than friends. My first reaction was laughter that bordered on hysteria.

I thought that he was joking, but it still made me feel a little guilty because what for him must be a joke was actually a particularly favorite fantasy of mine not more than four years earlier.

So it came as a complete shock to me when I saw his hurt look and heard the words "I meant it, Emma". I'm ashamed to say that I didn't deal well with it. I think of all the things he could have turned to me and said, that was the least expected.

Anyway, to get to the point, I messed things up pretty bad. The one guy that I ever really liked and respected, may have even loved, and I kicked him out of my apartment. Almost literally.

Now he's moved without a warning and I can't get in touch with him. It's like he just disappeared. And it hurts, a lot.

I guess I just want to say that if you're reading this, Joseph, I'm sorry.

Never Meant To Be

Softly as a gentle breeze,
Love crept into my heart
So softly I did not realize
Until we came to part.
'Twas then that love so suddenly
Grew claws, and without warning
Clamped around my heart and left
Me bleeding and in mourning.
So stunned was I by this attack,
I did not cry out "stay! "
And, frowning at my silence,
You turned and walked away.
I never knew, until you left,
How much you'd meant to me
And now you're gone, I guess
Our love was never meant to be.

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85 Visitor Comments

Your poem is beautiful and captures the feelings of love unnoticed lost. I've been on both ends of this tragedy, on the one, been shunned and laughed at by a very close girl-friend and on the other, unaware that a friend was madly in love until after she committed suicide. The imagery of love growing claws captured the pain strongly. Your poem touched me and was elegantly phrased. Thank you for sharing it.
a very touchin poem. nd for myself kinda sad too coz i went thru d same thing - twice and it hurts alot. funny how bad it can hurt. really love this poem.
i really did love the poem! just how you were so deep i love poerty!
It hit close to home. This poem fits me & a guy who was my best friend.
This poem describes something that happened to me, Every detail of it and I loved it. Reading it I was almost brought to tears. I love the way that it is worded, the author has done a wonderful job.
this poem touched my heart because that's how i felt when my boyfriend left me but this peom was excellent! if you publishe a book don't forget to give me a copy
This Poem touched my heart so much! LOVED IT!
This is somewat wat happened to me.
thats so sweet. i have a friend like that. and i dont know what it is. we just. idk. i hope that you find him.
A very poignant poem, thanks.
i loved reading this poem espcally in the sitution, because i feel like i should tell the person i love 'em but i know it's not meant to be.
when I read this poem I relised that it happenes so many times man If I could only go back in time how I would have hung on to that person that ment more to me then anything, oh man how I know. your poem really touched me hard thank you, and Im going to make a phone call now.
i love this poem. well, my best friend also fall for me. but unfortunately i'm not. but i lied to him anyway because i dont want him to leave me
Loved it. Touched my heart!
I love this poem, great work and love how you describe the feelings you felt when the guy told you about how he felt. Once again I just wanted to say great job!:) *Jasmine*
i like this poem. i have this happen to me. my best friend left for carolina. i did not know the wealth of her heart till it was no longer there. this poem described it better than i ever could.
i think that this is a wonderful poem and it relates to me very well keep up the good work!
What a wonderful poem! It describes the sitution I'm in at the present time, kind of. This poem deserves to get a very good rating on this site, because it simply refers to situations a lot of people are in,like what do I mean to that other person in our relationship and what she means to me? Questions in that kind of relationships exist,but we don't answer them in our minds,really. The words in it are simple ,bring up meaningful questions and it is also not too short and too long. Keep up the great writing!
I love this poem soo much it reminds me of my life and i can relate to it sooo much! keep writing! Ashley-
hey that was a really awesome poem it ws kinda sad but it got straight to ht epoint. it was freaking awesome. much luv
Great poem and so true too life some times :)
i was touched by this poem as i have read it. i'll just remember/miss the person i've love before who happened to be my bestfriend best friend. i hope you make more poem as beautiful as what i have read. God Bless!
Angel, I think I know how you feel, coz it happened to me once, just like yours. Your poem touch my heart. I know I've been lying to myself so long, but couldn't stop thiz feeling, may be we find the right one someday,OK?
This poem was the first one to give me chills. Absolutely wonderful. I am in this identical situation as we speak. thank you for such a wonderful poem.
ha! seems so true. :(
A yo I think that your that your poem was very nice. I ment to tell some one how I feel but I was afraid what he would say.
This poem really touched my heart because I just left a similar situation to this poem and it is all so true. I commend the poet for this one and hope you have the patience in your heart to give it time because it heals all wounds.
I loved the poem! I read it and instantly thought of my friend who just broke up with his girlfriend.
i liked the poem it brung back memories when i read it im sorry it had to be like that for you but keep up the good work it was an excellent poem!
You took the feelings right out of my heart and put them in words.
Well ive been in the same boat but the only difference is hes still around i havent told him yet and he got someone else 10x more prettier than me and shes my goodfriend life sucks thanks for wrting this poem it touched me and imight just send it to him THANKS
i like the poem, i could feel the hurt of the author. i also have a a guy friend and we treat each other as best of all. he also ask me the same question and i just ignore it though in my heart i know he is special but i want to treasure our friendship and i think its the best thing to do.
This poem touched me because this is my life in a nutshell don't ever stop writting you have a gift. Megan
I think that this poem describes exactly how I feel right now in my life. I also had a guy who I now feel that it was never meant for us to be together. This was a great poem. Thank you for writing it!
I hope you get a second chance with this guy. You sound like wonderful person just scared of the future. I know how you feel. :-) Great peom!
wow. that's touching. it really is. its very nice and it expresses exactly what i'm feeling right now. wow.
I honestly liked your poem. It really reminded me diffrent thing. I will love to share a poem similar like yours. I am taking of my time just to let you know that you have skills
this poem is amazing. it surprised me b/c my ex's name is joseph,and when i saw that i immediately freaked out. these are the exact feelings i've had for him. our breakup was "mutual" but i never really wanted to lose him. i now think about everything we ever did. and he comes to my mind all the time. i still love him w/ all my heart, and i think i always will.
i think this poems shows alot of emotion in my life it is the same i lost a love one who went off to florida and it hurt and, this poem brings it out.
It was a great poem. I think the situation was kinda sad.
This peom brings back memory of me and my ex (chris). I thought that i didn't love him anymore, but after we broke up, i can't stop thinking about him, and now i realize that i still love him.
Youre poem touched me because I,m in love with a man that is in the army. We were only together a few short months, but unexpectadly love changed everything. Now hes gone and the only thing I can say to myself is that I know that if we are meant to be together we will be one day. God has a plan for us all. So one he will bring along the right one to you wether it be this guy or another. You have a lot of love in you and youre poem shows so much feeling that any guy would be lucky to finally catch youre heart. thank you you said the perfect words in the perfect way for me.
I liked it alot. I know the feeling. Your poem brought back memories. You are a good writer. I think that Riley guy needs to read it again and if he still doesn't like it obviously he doesn't have feelings. This poem touched me.
i think it really is freaky your name is emma so is mine and i had like the same situation with a guy
I hope that that guy does one day read your poem and sees how much you love him. The poem was so sweet. It really relates to how I treated my best friend.
There is a guy i really like but hes moving probably to go to Texas, and i thought i was falling in love with him, but after i read this i figured maybe it was mant to be.
I truly felt connected to this poem. good poem!
i can completely feel this poem almost the same thing happened to me. I liked this one guy at first we went out forever and i just kept pushing him away and i was still in love with someone else.. to get to the point i couldnt stand it,i broke up with him and took me a year to get over my first love and to realize the whole time i was in love with the boyfriend:)now he has a girl now though
I really love this poem! It reminds me of my friend and me. =)
well i guess you heard it all before but after reading this poem i was very touched ... i have just gone throught a bad breakup and sad poetry is what i have been reading and none of the poems that i have been reading has touched me as deeply as this one... thank you... i cried over this poem and it helps to know that their are others that feel the same as i am right now
Fabulous Poetry, Breathtaking!
That was neat better than i can write. My heart was just like that until i took the pain.
This was a very beautiful poem about lost love. It brought tears to my eyes.
I really loved you're poem and I feel for you.. I feel something like how you must have felt. I just hope he reads it..
I know exactly how you feel. The exact some thing happened to me. A guy told me he loved me, and I him. Then, just before graduation, he told me that he loved someone else. He ripped my heart out of my chest, yet I found myself running back to him, only to be left to die alone. For that I am ashamed of myself for. Great poem.
This poem is very touching, and it almost made me cry. I am in the same situtation that you were in and I pry that things will work out between us.
i like your poem coz it perfectly describe the feelings i have for my friend. At the very beggining i fell in love w/ his bstfriend until one day he ask me if i can go and watch a movie with my crush and all i didnt know that it was he who really planned it all. now im sitting here regreting for a very big mistake, i did not see that love is only standing a foot away from me.
O my! This poem really touched me deep inside. I know the feeling! Very good!
I think this poem is really sweet and it tells the way i feel about some one Thanks 4 writing it
I just recently uncovered feelings that i believe that I have had for my BEST FRIEND Matt. I don't know why I didn't find them sooner, but I didn't and there is nothing that I feel I can do about it now. I dated one of his best friends and he is also one of mine and my brother's best friends, that is why it is such a shock to me. He has always been there for me, even when we weren't friends and it was just him always hanging out with my brother. I just wanted you to know that when reading your poem and your story, that I think I have convinced myself to tell him the way that I feel. I feel that I am about to lose him if I don't say anything.
I really like this poem! Keep up the good work.
Hi there; It is very humble for you to admit your wrongdoing. I hope your beloved friend will read this and healing will take its place. God bless U
Well Done! It was great to read your poem!
its a sad story good poem thoughgood work :)
You're right sometimes things in life just aren't meant to be. But I wouldn't trade the memories I have just because things weren't meant to be...
Your poem was really outstanding. Your writing talent shines through!
i like it
I think the hardest thing about love...passionate or that often times...we cannot pursue in earnest all those we could share a lifetime with...finding the One isn't hard...choosing One is...
If You feel crying after reading a poem may mean that it touched the deepest buttom and pain of your heart?! I had someone like "him"... and he went away, and never comes back... What to do? Suffer! I caused it. But: thanx for the poem!
This is an excellent poem. In a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the higheset) it would be rated at a 10.
this is a very nice poem please notify of any the other poems by this author thank- u
I love that poem!!!
This is so beautiful, such an amazing poem.. so well written. I can't think of enough words to tell you how much I love this poem.. it is so hard.. to know how to react
this was a very lovely poem and it shows that no matter how much a person means to you there is always a chance that you can hurt them.
I have also once lost a friend that I loved from not speeking up.
I can relate to this poem.It is truely moving and beautifuly written. I only wish I could write like you. kudo's to you. : )
My favorite part of this poem was: "'Twas then that love so suddenly Grew claws, and without warning Clamped around my heart and left Me bleeding and in mourning." I liked the discription a lot and it had a nice rythm.
I love ur poem! Great metaphores,i love the way u write..
I loved your poem so much that Ive made all my friends check it out and all of them agree that you write wonderful poetry.
1 of the most moving peoms I have ever heard
I really enjoyed reading your poem, it was very mature
I really love this poem it touched my heart for i to was once like you
I think that your poem was pretty in sad kinda way

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