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This is a friendship turned to passion. Yet a passion that must remain unspent. For the two can never be one. Life and circumstance forbid the expression of the love and deep appreciation that each share for the other. A dream? Yes. A desire? Without a doubt!

A kiss sent, yet forever undelivered. Yet happy, oh so happy.

1000 Times For 1

If I have kissed you once,
I have kissed you 1000 times.

Each morning as I arise.
Each night as I drift to sleep.
Each hour of every day.
Each moment before it goes away.

The kisses shared between you and I,
Have many times reached the sky.
As your lips part and anxiousness increases,
Your heart pounds and breathing ceases.

My lips leap to yours hungry for the taste.
Sweetness drips from you to me
As desire grows, my heart races.
Inches apart seem as miles waiting.

The miles increase as space shortens.
Time appears to stand still.
So close yet so far.
When? Now, please now?

Once more, 1001.
Make it 2, so many more.
Caressing ever caressing those
Tender lips, each time as the first.

If I have kissed you 1000 times,
I would give them all away
To make the dream a reality,
And kiss you once.
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96 Visitor Comments

this poem is really good and i like that
i like it
I love this poem its very sexy and it reminds of me somebody.
i like this poem very much because it talks about one kiss can change two lifes and i personaly like that a lot
to tell you the truth that has to be the best poem i ever read.
bailey jo
i really liked this poem only cuz it's true and its about me! bailey jo
beautiful poem, very touching with simple well understood words.
well where do i start ur such a sweet person and yeah wot can i say
This poem touched me in the sense of having a dream that one would want come true though it seems as fantacy now. Keep it up.
No better way to say exactly how I feel tonight. A love that can never be fulfilled, though a thousand times ten thousand desired. 4 stars.
I like this poem its cute and nice
a good piece hope that you can make another good piece well appreciated by me and my companions
Thats sad but so sweet! I liked it a lot.
if you truely love your love one kiss this poem expresses the feelings you have.
I thought that it was a very touching poem and more to me i think cause my baby daddy is in jail now!1
BULLSEYE! I've kissed her once and oh, so desire the second. May or may not ever happen but I can keep dreaming.
Wow! better words have not been written.
your poem is inspirational and fit the purpose to send to my girlfriend.
The whole idea of this poem works so well. The ending sums it up perfectly.
i recieved this poem and felt mixed feelings. I thought the poem was beautiful and a precious gift to recieve, though i felt that anxious feeling of wanting somthing that is not possible and the feeling being affirmed in writing
I love this poem, because it's about a person with a deep love for someone near and dear. This person is close. yet is unreachable due to cirrcumstances, and obsticals that block the way. This poem has touched me, because I have experienced the exact thing myself.
I love this poem!
it was very nice
I was reading this thinking of the friend I wish I could experience this with. thinking how lucky you were to have kissed the one you long for. but then a surprise ending made it all seem real. It's like you took the thoughts from my head and put them on paper. These words spoke to me and I'm glad to know someone else feels the way I do. Thank you for speaking so clear.
so beautiful! every girl longs to hear exactly what this poem describes!
I received this via e-mail from my man while I was at work. He usually doesn't forward things, but he said that he just HAD to send it to me because it touched him so much. When I read it, I immediately knew why. That is EXACTLY the way we STILL feel about each other when we kiss to this day!
it was good i liked it seems like the girl you dedicated this to is very lucky since a kiss means that much to you all my boy friend would say is give me a kiss i missed you (lol) i guess thats how some guyz r but i love him and he loves me i guess thats all that matters right?? but n e ways i give you props for your poem keep em comin good luck!
I love this poem so much it goes straight to the heart. thank you for poem it inspired me to use it as a class poem.
The simplicity and directness of the poem has a lasting effect. I extremely liked it during my first reading. Continue your work and goodluck. Ciao.
i love this poem. waaaaaaaa
it makes my imagination colorful.
this poem touched me in every way. i can truly relate to the feelings expressed through this piece, as i am going through the same thing right now with someone.
this is a really good poem. keep up the good work.
this poem is SO fantastic
it keeps love & friendship alive
This is such a lovely poem. It just says everything i have ever wanted to say to jeremy. i mean everything i have never been able to tell him was just email to him through this poem. it really uped my spirit.
this poem is kinda twisted but its kool and i really enjoy the poem and dave you really have a talent for writting and you should look in to that.
This poem is so true in so many ways!
I really enjoyed this thanx!
Dave, I know the feeling all too well. What you are saying in your poem is beautiful to me. I too have dreamt of my love and would give all of my dreams away for just one moment with him.
This is a lovely poem. I,ve sent it to the one I love ,all i ever wanted to say was so beautifully mentioned in this poem. Sometimes we are not able to describe our true feelings as we don't hv the words to express our feelings,thru this poem I've expressed my feelings to my love.
This poem expresses so closely what I'm currently feeling for a gentleman I've met a few months ago! Anticipation and yearning to feel the tendery of his kiss all rolled up into great desire and an impossible dream--yet to come true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your eloquent expession of a deep desire to kiss someone so prized in a very sweet way:)
Thank you Dave for such beautiful words that helped me to express what I wanted so wanted to share with my Long Distant Lover and could never seem to put it into words. Your words flow with grace and beauty. Thanks again.
Man this is a touching poem it is straight from your heart I can tell. I love the ending when you say it was just a dream. You really got me into the poem.
this poem is nice, i hope you get that kiss. good luck in every thing that you do. i am writing poetry myself. keep on writing good one's.
Thats a beautiful poem, good job ^-^
this is good. keep it up
this poem rocks
I thought your poem and the use of words were absolutely beautiful
This is a great poem. I have sent it to many of my friends and they all loved it as much as I did. You are a great poet. I wish that someday I will be able to write a poem that touches someone as much as your poem touched my heart
Dave, You are a very talented poet.your loved one must be very special. I hope she enjoyed your poem and I hope you write more.
This poem is amazing! i sent it to my girlfriend,everything in the poem is exactly how i feel, well done for writing it!
I think this poem is very sweet. I wish I could do this to someone i really have a crush on.everything in this poem describes what every person does or want to do with thier perfect match know i do!
This is a really good poem. You are very talented! Good job!
i really lov this poem it almost broke my heart,but it bought tears to my i eyes,i lve it keep up the good work,
wow, i can see myself as a person involved in these words, its the feeling i have towards a friend that i miss, i miss his lips and our deep convorsations..unfortunately he has just left to save our country and those lips are gone.tear..i loved it
This poem touches on the reality of so many relationships.I give it a 9.5 on a scale of ten.keep up the good work dave.We could all be better of if we opened up like your poem
the poem was great real touching
Very touching... soothingly yours!
I've been having this same experience for all too long by now. good work.
Dave, I would also give the kisses in my fantasies away for that one real forbidden one that would change me forever
This poem made me cry. Keep up the good work Dave.
A poem with a lot of deep meaning to it.Gives you many wonderful & loving thoughts. Beautifully done!
you got great talent don't let it go to waste and keep on writing
I really loved this poem, and I know exactly how Dave feels for I feel the same way about my friend. B
this is such a beautiful piece of touched my soul in such a way that sadness never has before..
hey, dave u write extremely well, seriously it was GREAT! ok i really thought it was wonderful omg perfect u write with such desire in ur heart, keep writing & keep smilin
This made me feel extreme desire. What a wonderful feeling. Some intense feeling,right?
I thought this was a really really cool poem.
I am absolutely speechless. That poem was like whispers from the angels above. You have an absolute talent Dave and i fully admire you. Pleaz write more lovely poetry so i can get so indulged in this as i just did. You rock :)
this is a wonderful poem full of power and meaning i am glade i have had the chance to read this thank you very much.
what a wonderful expression in words but in a kiss..really held my breath there..
Chords struck, tears well, softly understanding.
I love this poem,I also wright poetry and love to read it. If I were the person that this poem had been written to I would run to favor the wrighter give him his kiss and never let him go. This is the sweetest poem I've read by a guy most of my friends wright jail poems and poems on the high even though i don't do that stuff (and wish they wouldnt, but it is their life...) I like it but this is the first poem thats accually sweet that has been written by a guy to the love of his life.
I believe the truest emotions were verbalized in this poem and I think more people sholuld be this way in their daily lives.
I enjoyed the poem, But I thought the ending would have been a little different.
I really love your poem. I was looking something like this for my girl-friend and u made my day.
True to love's nature...
If I have kissed you once, I have kissed you 1000 times your poem is as beautiful as it'is
It's the perfect poem for meeh and my B-friend, Thanks! Missie
this poam put a smile on my face cause it reminded me of an old friend of mine.
this is a very touching poem i love it
This is a very nice poem and I will Give you and A plus and plus a 100 score.
this was Beautiful! it says everything i have ever thought about :)
Awesome....really stood out amoung the many.
Wow I really liked this poem and I have felt this feeling befor:)
I liked the introduction to the poem as much as I did the actual poem itself. Wow.....the story of my life
OMG! I think Dave & his best friend have the same situation, love & adoration that me & my best friend. This poem sent a chill down my spine because it, well it's me, my thoughts, my desires. Great job! And although I want just 1 kiss from mine, I'll take him in any capacity & always be grateful that we are in each others lives.
This is a great poem!! I liked it and I'm going to give it to my boyfriend in the next few days. It tells what I think.
I really enjoyed this poem because i can relate to what is being expressed. i know what it's like.

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