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Someone asked if I thought poets would get into Heaven sooner than anyone else, as they seem to be able to write about the human spirit. I hope it's true. I wrote this poem in response to that question.

Can a poet have the ear of God? Perhaps. Can a poet give solace in a poem? Yes! And I would like to think that God listens to each poem, and smiles.

The Power Of A Poet

Connected to God, in tune with nature,
heartfelt passions spoken in a line.
What better place to find serenity
than in the prayer of a poet online.

Gathered in unity, divided in style;
souls searching for perfect peace
touching lives by a timely rhyme
giving solace and pain's release.

Seeking an emissary to heaven's throne?
To whisper entreaties to Angels there;
No better place to reach God's ear
than through the power of a poet's prayer.
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4 Visitor Comments

I love all poems by poet deVine,is he still writing poetry. I havent seen any recent work posted on you site from him. I hope he hasnt stop writing poetry because,he is truly talented &,he has truly been Blessed with the gift of poetry. Please let me know if there will be more poetry posted on your site by poet deVine or,if he has switched to another site-THANK YOU.
I love your style of writing this was very good. It really hit me when you said "What better place to find serenity then in the prayer of a poet online" you took me to church on that.
Superb poem - poets seem to express the deepest crannies of the soul even when writing humour! I'm slowly readin all your stuff by the way!
I am here today to tell you God loves your poem and i do too. God gives us all a gift that only you can have. You found your gift now learn to use it. GREAT POEM

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