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Muse, that fickle wench! She deserts us from time to time. I was commiserating with a fellow poet about where we get our inspiration. We listen to music, read other poets' work or take snippets of life's events to create that inspiration.

But what if we can't find it? What if there is a serious block? What if we could go to a bank, withdraw some muse as others can withdraw money?

But then, could everyone be a poet?

First National Bank Of Inspiration

My poetic checks are bouncing!
There are no funds in the bank
I cannot borrow from anyone
To refill my empty tank.

So I went to the only place
I know will loan me muse
First National Bank of Inspiration
Is the lender that I choose

I drive up to the window
And talk into the speaker
The teller looks at my poems,
Which rhymes are getting weaker

I tell her that I've lost it
I've spent my last notion
I cannot write of mountains
Of deserts, woods or ocean!

She asked me ‘bout the last time
I deposited any thought to
Stretching my reflections
As any poet ought to

I confess that I still read,
Perusing every written word
To deposit into my account
Each idea, sensible or absurd

I feel I've overdrawn my muse
Used the stockpile of imagination
And now I'm bouncing poetry
For lack of inspiration

So all I ask Miss Teller,
Is a loan or two from this bank
I'd like to be prolific again
And fill this awful blank.

The teller turns to her boss
Whispering words quite low
Then answers through the speaker
That a debt I certainly owe

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We recommend you read each verse
Accrue mental stimulation
For you have overdrawn your account
At First National Bank of Inspiration
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5 Visitor Comments

i LOVE the flow--it's like you can't stop reading cause you would ruin the rythum and flow!
carly and laura
we thought this poem was great and it had a touch of humor in it too!
very clever!
This is sooo cool!

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