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Although this poem is about what losing my little girl did to me, it could well speak for any parent. Through talking to others, I have discovered that my feelings are quite universal. But few people write about it. Why? Writing can be very healing.

The Kidnapping

And when the great dark hand stretched out its claws
Devouring her girl-child, six years old - yet
Wet-winged and tender, dew-damp and dear;
A rupture of her deepest Spirit's core
Triggered molten lava rivers -
Thickly churning down the steep
Imperial mountains of her years of devotion.
Burning ravaging scars across wide
Wilderness valleys of hideous new emptiness.
Cooling and hardening, imprisoning her
Solidly beneath the crust.
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9 Visitor Comments

This poem is truly beautiful, gripping, and heart-wrenching. Ive read it over and over, and every time I do, a new feeling errupts inside of me. I love this poem! keep up the great work!
i have been struck, struck by lightining after feeling the depth of the poem
your poem made me cry very hard thta could not stop
Its short and sweet, an amazing poem, it an bring out any parent's feelings after being seprated by their child. Sometimes, I really wonder, is being a prent really very hard, i'm not sure, but one day i might be a parent. Some day. But all I have to say is your expression is truly amazing, congratulations ,you get my vote!
i'm a student that has come acdross this poem, and i think that it is just unbelieveably written so well that it exprees the pain and suffering. it was amazing.
Hey this was a neat poem. I loved the way it was expressed.keep it up!
pure heartbreak.
almost made me cry.

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