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This poem is just about how I think, and how I often get carried away and build little lies inside my head that cannot become real.


Lies hurt more
than the truth
why do I live
in self pity
and expect disappointment
more then optimism
or does enjoyment
lead me to new
worlds which I can not
live on
the air is getting
thin and I want to
stay for some time
too bad I can not
live in my dreams
for then utopia would be
reached wouldn't it
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18 Visitor Comments

this is a good poam i know that lies are not good beaucse Im just 13 and my dad lies to me and is not goood I love poems like this maybe it will make me cry but still i have my mother here and she can take care of me
that poem is so hawt!
this poems is coming from the heart and I really like it i feel you on this
i liked it very much
i think that,that poem was a very kool poem it tells alot about what is in my mind and others minds it brings out life about lies and friends
I've just been lied to by a Stanley so this poem seemed fitting in so many ways. i suppose to a generally honest person dishonesty is incomprehensibly.
this song is so good i cryed the frist time i read it and every body says the truth hurts but this is so true lies hurt more.
Living in a web of lies just makes a bigger spider want to come along and eat you. Tell the truth,no matter how much it hurts,how much pride or dignity you might lose or what people with think of you. Alot of people live a life based on lies because it keeps them "busy" and away from ACTUAL reality. In the end,you don't win,ever. Living a lie isn't lving at all. You might as well be dead. And this is coming from someone who is hated by ALOT because I don't hold any punches back. I don't believe "keeping it under the rug" and LYING for alterior motives helps any situation and it NEVER will,ever. Be for real and have a heart and live with compassion or just die,really.
This poem has realy touched a deep place inside of me.
Excellent way he communicates with the reader. Deep and thorough, finishes with satisfaction
I liked it
Great poem! I have just been betrayed by a friend that lied to me. And this is what my life is like at this moment. i wish i could live in my dreams. But, unfortunately i can't i have to face that my friend lied to me about something that truly hurt me sooooooooooooo bad. n-e-ways great poem and please keep writting more!
I like this poem very much. I realy felt like it was written just for me. I lied to a friend of mine. online friend. and it hurts more than anything. He trusted me and what I did was lie to him. I realy dont know why I lied but the bottom line is i lied. May be to live in my dreams. Anyways the poem is great!
I love your poem its so romantic it makes me cries
It is true, we all lie. I don't really understand why but we do. The world is a very herd place to live in and maybe people lie to try and feel a sense of security. I thought your poem was great! Thank you..
hey grat poem it reminds me of some of my poems you are a great poem writer.
I liked it very much. It is true that we humans offten lie to our mind to be in a way happy with ourselfs. But deep down we know we can't lie to the heart.

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