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This poem is one I wrote right after I got off the phone to a female I liked who was going to get asked out the next day. I was also unhappy about many other things going on in my life at the time. So..... I got my emotions out on paper like I always do.

Sorrow and Pain

some live life in the
fast lane
some get stuck with a
ball & chain
some lives are known, simply
by name
some get only
Sorrow & Pain

some lives are filled
with riches
some get to live in
the ditches
some live with their
insanity contained
some get only
Sorrow & Pain

some lives have no riches, some have
caviar & wine
some get to live a life thats
like mine
some lives can't differentiate between
that line
some get only
Sorrow & Pain

some lives are short, yet the
memory remains
some get anger and keep
it retained
some live and get justice;the
cold & rain
some get nothing but
Sorrow & Pain
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18 Visitor Comments

xcellent. a heart touching poem indeed!
This poem that iwant to give for my friend because i want to cheer her up so she won't be sad nomore becaused her husband shot himself the other night and i feel so sorry for her can you please help find me a poem to give to her,thank you very much.
How many there are of us, you and me, feeling this way everyday. Thanks for sharing.
Man this is so deep and meaningfull i love this poem :+)
I understand this poem better every time I read it. Written in 1999. I wonder what you would write now, Lance?
This Poem Was The Best I've Heard Yet! You've Go Some Serious Talent. Keep It up Lance!
This poem is great. Sadly I wrote something almost exactly like it so i relate to it. Its so true though. This poem is way better than mine becuz of the way it all goes together, Lance you got some serious talant
I thought thispeom was very touchin, seem ones that has had a sad place in their lives on time orthe oter . we really can relate to this poem and many othes. I truely likd tis. Please locate this person. I too would enjoy emilin her . I would like t read many mor of her peoms.
It is as though I am looking at the reflection of what my own heart feels. You made me cry.
this poem was great! it says what a lot of people go through daily
I really liked this poem because he really put a lot of heart into it.
good rhythm, you defitily have talent. keep writing, youve got somethng going and i really like it
The best I have read yet
Keep up the good work Lance!!
The poem showed a lot of depth, feeling and emotion.
very touching
simply beautiful.sadly,i can relate to this poem a lot..
This poem is telling the truth about life and is a really great poem

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