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Leaving a loved one, especially new found love prompted this simple sentiment, against a backdrop of an airport, I was returning to my home at the sea, feeling empty and unfulfilled wishing it could all be different.....and it was...nothing will ever be the same. Sharing the simple things with the one I love is what I miss the most.

Each Passing Moment

All at once I must return
to the blue water,
before so comforting and yet
now strangely insufficient.
The knowledge of you,
too much to bear with
you so far away.

I dread the leaving,
and hate the coming distance,
the start of the grieving
for your love, for your love.

I return to our stars,
my link to you
and all they represented
of you, and me, of ourselves.
The scent of you
incensing me further, with
you not here today.

I dread the leaving
and hate the growing distance,
the start of the grieving
for more love, of your love.

The time is almost upon me
and leaving for even a moment,
tears my heart in two
with no hope of rejoining.
The thought of you
brings tears to my eyes,
stinging, streaming down my face.

I dread the leaving
and hate the cold distance,
the start of the grieving
for all of you and our love.

It's here now, the time
I now die a little inside.
Like a flower denied his sunshine
I cower in the shadow of hopelessness
Waiting......Waiting for you.
The thought of your warmth
regenerates my petals
anticipating your touch,
your kiss and your grace.

I dread the maddening night,
I hate the cloudy skies
that deny me our stars
and, the look of love from your eyes.
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This poem touched me personally as it is exactly what is happening in my life right now. The man in my life has also set sail and I hope that one day he will return to me. I so wished to contact this author but he has left and there is no e-mail to contact him with.

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