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This poem was written while my best friend spent a month in a coma. I was terrified for her life and I felt that only way I could express myself to everyone was to write it in words.

The Memories Will Never Die

I didn't imagine this could ever happen to me.
My best friend is hurting,
And I can't even see.
The pain she must be feeling,
While she is lying there.
Just the thought of it,
I can't even bear.

It makes me think of all the good times we shared.
The times when we were happy,
And the times when we were scared.
We would walk alone,
Along her dark dirt road,
Frightened as can be
Because of the stories we once told.

The good and bad times have all gone by,
And thinking of them
Makes me want to sit down and cry.
The memories will always last,
They can never die.
They will go on and on
As long as we both try.
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12 Visitor Comments

chelsea lee
i love where they have talked about how they feel and all the good and the bad times they both had and that there friend is hurting and they can't even see i liked that part. i lost someone that i loved yestoday and it hurt's [rally bad]
I love this poem it is the best of the rest.
Your Poem redminds me of my baby cousin she passed away at 2 monthes due to crib death witch is S. I. D. S last time i saw her was when she first smiled at ME. i remember that before she left us i held her the the air and said. i will always love you and i will never forget you. then i remember i straped her in her car seat and smiled and gave her a kiss goodbye. not know that was the last time id ever kiss her again. or hold her. but i wnt ever forget that smile. and your poem was beauitfull. it reminds me of our day last day he got to have together
I really liked it, it also made me cry THANKS ALOT
omg. that poem reminds me so much of what my best friend and i are going through right now. im so afraid for her. for all the pain shes been through. and what shes going through now and with her moveing away, and me not being able to be by her side to comfort her. it tears me apart. this poem is very deep thank you.
This poem touched me and my mum
that is an awesome poem.
Your poem made me cry! But it is my favorite poem ever!
This was a great poem. it reminds me my friends. and the good and bad times that we shared and how they help me when i got tons of problems.
i love this poem, i cried and cried
It made me cry
This poem is great! Its my fave, I love it!

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