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I wrote this poem for my best friend when I was told I was going to die of Leukemia. I was worried about how she would live without me and that I was leaving her alone. I wrote this poem to tell her that I will always love her and to hold on to that to get her through the terrible times ahead. This poem is dedicated to Kim, who I will always love more than anything in this world.

A Legacy Of Love

As darkness slowly seeps into the air
The September Sun sinks further into the pillows
That are made of mountains
I feel drawn to the night
Which I once so fiercely fought.

Velvety soft wings envelop me
And my heart is full of you.

If tomorrow comes without me
If the darkness should carry me softly away
If I have heard my last dawn chorus,
Seen my last bright sunrise, lived my last sweet day

Wrap my love around you like a blanket
When winter comes, to keep you warm.
And forgive me that I am not with you.
Let my love carry you through the storm.
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12 Visitor Comments

this poem touch me blc i will one day leave this world leaving my soul mate behind . i love he n can't help thinking about him
Thank You. Although this poem was not written for me, today i searched the internet for a poem to give me strength, because I was feeling so sad and down. Of all the sites in the internet I entered this one and this was the first poem I read and it touched me in a special way because not long ago I lost my brother to cancer reading your poem made me feel he was reaching out to me to tell me that although not physically here his love is eternal he still looks out for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Judy Nevarez
It was BEAUTIFUL! =)
omg i love your peom i wish i can right peoms like u,i just love it
In October my 16-year-old best friend died of leukemia. Thanks for this message. =)
Your poem is so special and present such strengh. I hope your life will be long and healthy.
I sent a down comforter to my lover for the winter months, who lives far away. I told him to imagine that it was me keeping him warm and safe. When I read this, I couldn't help but think of it.
Simply put, this Poem touched My Heart!
It's so sad and so sweet! Beautiful!
a beautiful poem from the heart
This is such a touchig and courageous poem.

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