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This poem is about overcoming something that has happened in the past, of getting over hurt and broken innocence and trusting someone again. It's about love and understanding and new beginnings. I wrote this poem for the man I am now married to, so that he could know the "Whole me."

Understand Her Pain

Sometimes I walk alone at night.
I try to figure out why it's so hard for me to fight,
Why I've always tried to suppress the thoughts in my head,
the ones that wish me dead.

It seems that all was cold and dark along that path to my heart.
It seems that no one could see through the mask,
could see the hidden struggle
and everything goes back to the start

The beginning when all fell apart
the time when all broke down,
and the tears could not be heard,
but the pain lingered on,
gasping for air as it sucked all joy from her heart.

She could not even whisper her longing to be held,
her longing to forget,
her longing to be heard and loved.
She could not even face her own body,
her own face as she woke.

She was alone
She was alone because no one would ever know what made her cry,
and die and turn to ashes inside.
Because the silence was her only hope,
her mask of joy.

To understand -
She lost herself that day.
She lost all trust.
It was too much for her small heart to take,
too much for her small mind to forget.
Can it ever go away?

Please understand how hard it is.
Learn to be patient as she begins to wake,
reborn into a new world
that you have helped create.
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11 Visitor Comments

Great poem, it hit right at home for me and my fiance, we are overcoming some things and this [poem explained it all. WOnderful.
Your thoughts are strong and powerful. Thoughts that I can relate to; I feel that way at times and to know that I am not crazy for feeling this way makes life seem not so cruel to me and know that it is just life! Keep up the good work; because your words means something. I give you a 10 for speaking from the heart.
I love this poem. there was almost same my feeling when i had a guy so he loss mine heart! :-\ so i copy this and show them hows my feeling so thanks and pretty poem! :-)
The one I love is going through a really hard time and has pushed me away completely. Your poem instills me with hope and a greater understanding of what this special person must be feeling. So I must thank you for your deep words that helped me learn.
How Deep---How true--How beautiful. I'm trying so hard to explain this to a loved one and now your poem has helped me. Thank you
I've been spending the past few days looking for a good poem to help explain some things to my boyfriend. This one made me cry saddly until i smiled and realized this was the one that would tell him everyhting he needs to know about how i feel inside. It's a beauty of a poem..
your poems are truly touching and so true that i've experience it once.good job!
Loved this poem... Really hit home :o(
gread one of the best
was searching for the "perfect" poem unable to express one self within..beautiful work!!! =)

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