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This Poem is a short description of how alone a person can be even if they have all the love and people by their side..


She has the love of her family.
She has the love of her friends.
She has all the love she could ever want,
Yet she is still alone,

Shut off from the world.
Isolated in a ball of fear.
She's scared to face a new day,
scared a new day will never come.

She faces these fears alone,
she has shut herself off from the world.
Her sadness has killed her.
It has killed her relations outside of the ball.
She has all the love from her friends and family.
Yet she is still alone...
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9 Visitor Comments

I LOVED THAT it was soooo great its just how im feelin at the moment
Even though I don't want to reveal myself, I believe this poem if very revealing and touches many of us. Many people today are taken by what we should be and what we want to be instead of embracing who we are right now.
that's my life in a nutshell, I really like it, but I that the way I am!
Wow thats exactly how I feel your really great at peoms
I feel the pain of the girl in the poem. I feel the same way. I have the love of my family, I have the love of my friends. The only difference is, I don't have the love of the man that meant the most to me in the world. He took it away. He crushed her love for eternity, in life she see's for a moment what bitter love has, his whisper of death to her heart. Andrea Moore
it totally touched my heart. sometimes i feel like that too, alone and lonely. with a thousand differnt people around me.
2 years and 4 deaths. now i am this poem.
i think ur poem xplains da real meaning of lonliness. its good 2 no dat sum 1 else thinks da same way i do :)
Wow thats the same Exactly thing for me, so i can really relate to the poem!

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