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The pain that remains from that one special person's parting, leaves you forever changed - And always wishing for that innocence to be restored.

Painful Love

Watching you from across the room
sends searing pain through my heart.
I think back to a year ago,
when I thought we'd never part.
My love for you just won't die down -
it just grows with each new day.
I wish you'd dare to look at me
and hear what I have to say;
"I love you and I want you back - "
but these words you just won't hear.
You don't seem to remember them -
all the memories I hold dear.
You were my first kiss, my first love
and now you don't even care.
How could you just blow it away?
We were the perfect pair.
you seem content to let me go -
You're doing fine as you are,
while I'm still missing how we were.
We had the best love by far.
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61 Visitor Comments

wow. you are really rite!i am a gurl and i am in love with my ez. but he doesnt seem to see me. i miss him evrt ime i hear the name cory i start to cry
this poem is amazing, i felt really the pain
nice poem
i know how you feel because am going through the same thing and everything you wrote is the same thing i feel for the guy i thought was my true love but now i have to pretend that am happy when really i wanna fall on my knees and pour out of tears knowing that were just friends and nothing more!
i love dis poem. it reminds me of my very first love. i know exactlly how u feel.
so nice and touchy
i vote this poem because it really feel me the same way 2 my ex boyfriend.
fallen angel
I really liked this poem it is a really good poem. I can so relate too this poem! :(
i love this poem. it touches my heart. now taht i am sitting in my bad room screaming and crying "D. J i miss u i want u back"
What can I say, like all the other here, I know what you mean since I'm also living the same things. This poem is very good and really shows what going on in your heart . . .
This poem really touched me it seems as if u know exactly how i am feeling. I still feel this way and it was exactly a year ago that i lost my first true love and i wish the same. I wish he would just let me say those words again and relize that i really mean them. But i just wanted to let u know why this poem touched me and wanted to say that u are write very good poems.
yeah i feel the sam why when me and ex boy broke up nice poem
dam gurl thats such a meaningful and emotional poem,i glad this poem was written. i'm a guy who always thought that i'm hard and dont need anyone but this poem snipes right into my feelings.
This touched me soo much. it just reminded me of wat i had with someone a long time ago. it was oo so true to me and touched me in a way that couldnt be imagined. it was VERYY good
I really like ur poem keep up the good work!
WOW! This poem really touched me! I know how it feels to love someone and not feel loved in return!
I felt sad reading the poem coz' i can exactly relate with the emotions behind the poem. It's true that sometimes we can't just let go especially if we love someone sooo much. but we just need to let go for us to recover soon.
I like this
brilliant! beautiful! everyword pionts to my emotions, its as if you read my hearts pain. thankyou because reading this has made me feel strong and not alone. i love it and its one of the best poems on the site. it made me cry but for the rite reasons, so full of emotion.
excellent poem
i love this poem it has touched me in a away that nothing ever has before. i use to go out with this guy named josh and this is the way i feel for him im gald someone had the nerve to write something like this cause i didnt have the guts to. ILOVE IT ALOT KEEP ON DOIN THE GOOD WORK THAT YOUR DOING!
I am very much touched with this poem. It has expressed my condition truly.
Wow. girl. that was nice. u good writer and wut u wrote it touched me cuz thats how im feeling right now the same thing. but good job ;) u should keep writein more
This poem is sooooo wonderful. i cried over it. it is so true. i mean even if its not ur first love. its that one person that you always saw urself fit with and theres soooo much pain and u just want to be together. This is the first Christmas without my loved one and he has moved on and is dating someone else. I know he still loves me. I will forever love him but will let go soon. i cant grow old waiting.
this poem is very good . i think u should keep on wrighting and thank you for latting people read it . it told me that i was not the only on out here that feel like this later
I like this poem very much because it translated my ambitions for someone.
i liked the poem alot
My ex that i still love, he died, of cancer, they kept trying treatments on him but they didnt work. so by the time i found out he had 2 weeks to live and he said that he was sorry for ever breaking my heart and that he had still loved me to. i miss him so much
GR8 POEM . Reading it makes me realize what I once had, and lost . I really love the poem . GR8 WORK!
struck a cord. i am still in love with my first love. and we parted nearly 10 years ago. he ended it, and i died inside. i have never loved anybody as intense and freely since. i recently talked with him for the first time in years and for the first time ever he admitted his regrets and confessed that he loves me as deeply as i love him. give it time. sometimes the temptation for them proves too much. he could love you every bit as you love him. like he would admit his mistakes.
when i read this poem i could relate to it so i think this is a really good poem that touches the heart good job
I love this poem, because I am going through that exact thing. me and the kid i absolutely love broke up last year, and those words in that poem describe exactly how i feel, which i didn't think was possible.
It really connected with me and my ex who i can't stop thinking back to how we were and i know he wants me to but niether will admit it i miss him and this will give me the courage to tell him how i feel because im tired of this ache and all this heart break.
i really like the poem because i'm also in this situation.
I loved your poem it describes exactly what i am going through right now!
I love this poem it reminds me of my mean first love
waht i read was just true fealin,wards and true pains
hey i loved this poem. it remind me of my first luv.
this poem really got me because my boyfriend situation isnt like anybody's here. i boyfriend didnt really leave me we are still together but he is in prison for 15years for something he didnt do but instead of agruing he took it. we been together for 4months now and we got a baby girl together she is 2weeks old today. well that is all. and i would like to tell everybody who writes poems to keep up the good work.
wow. i love this poem. i totally understands this poem. i know how it feels.
this was a very heart touching poem. i cried when i read it my husband died a yr ago and every word in this poem is what i keep asking myself. great poem. thanks.
This poem hit me in the right spot. It totally describes what I've been going through.
this poem meant so much to me when i read it! my first love saw me with another guy and my best friend told me his heart sank when he saw me with another guy! thanks so much, you made me realize my life even more!
Hey, I just wanted to le you know that I thought your poem was really nice!
i love your poems i be feelin' dem' 4-real you should publish these. well ttyl!
I like this poem cause its exactly what i feel.
i think this poem is so true b/c it describes how i feel about an old boyfriend to the tee. I didn't think someone could write a poem that describes me so well.
because me and my boyfriend just broke up and i like this poem so much.
This poem was really great and I loved it! mostly because it relates to me.
very well said poem.i feel the pain
This poem is the bomb!
OOOOH GOD..this poem made me feel this sad squeezing pain in my heart strainge how can people forget their love so fast like that..i guess u really suffered..and i can feel how u felt.
this poem was a very truthful and real poem and the poet should be recognized 4 it
loved it
A very well written discripion on how it is to see your first love move on . . . . . . Feeling it my-self for the past year, its a strange thing to see the way i feel in words.
I Love this poem because it describes of how I feel every day
I think this poem is GREAT and I really feel for Jayzee because I'm also in his position and it really hurts when u were with someboyd u loved so much then you break up and they have gone on with their life and it feels as though when you were with him/her it ment nothing.
i love it. it tells me in the poem
it is reflect my heart. it is very nice.
I loved this poem I know exactly what you mean I'm going through the same type of loss.

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