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The way that I see the world is through "good and evil". Innocence is one of the most precious gifts in the world. It should never be robbed. Innocence either means to not know, or to not be guilty. I'm talking about not being guilty.

When I look back at my childhood, I do not reflect on memories of events. I reflect on what my heart felt, and what everything represented to me. If there's anything besides emotion and thought, it's my soul. I'm expressing my soul, and it's hard to express the soul in words.

In this poem, I describe the bitter feeling of "evil" as despair. Childhood is called an age of innocence, and through my soul, I *saw* evil. Of such a magnitude was my willpower that I truly loved everyone, and I was so forgiving if others did something wrong. Nothing shamed me. I knew no fear. My eyes "shone like the noon sun. "

Now, I feel ancient inside, like I have endured years of suffering in days. My words hold no joy or laughter any longer. I can't really explain it. As quick as a candle light is blown out, my soul was grieved.

The Thief Of Hope

Old, weary, fatigued have I become,
forgetting the stars of youth,
and forsaken by all until time ends;
the time! the time, the time
that makes you cry,
that makes you hate,
the time that is anguishing,
the undeserving things I received,
the things I never wanted to see,
the time that burnt away stars by sea,
where sunless years rolled by,
and my sense of life faded away.
Now I am an old man, blind and weary;
what an unfortunate time!
If only I were Rip Van Winkle,
aging physically,
but nay, it is an aging of the mind,
an aging of mighty despair -
what makes strong men tremble
and high towers crumble,
what makes the wind hesitate
and breath choke,
what turns victory to death.
'Tis mighty despair
that stole hope from my heart;
and the stars in my eyes
that shone like the noon sun,
that turned death to victory,
and despair to hope;
but I have been beaten and stunned,
like the wind I have faded away;
beaten to the earth,
hurt very deep, mortally deep -
so deep even an ocean can't match
all the tears in my heart.
I was once one of the mighty,
indestructible, with ageless eyes,
now fallen to the earth.
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