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I wrote this poem when reality became very clear in a situation. No matter how much we think we have control of our lives, the real surprise is when you see what your life really is . . .


Reality is that slap in the face
When you think you have the world by the tail
And life seems to be moving at your own pace
When you feel like there is no way you can fail.

Reality is there to open your eyes
When you find you were walking with them closed
And it shows you a sight that can surely make you cry
Because with reality, it shows you what you already know.

Reality breaks a person's heart and soul
And destroys dreams and hopes that a person feels
The truth and only truth is reality's only goal
And it doesn't care whose world that it might kill.

Reality keeps me in a state of mind
That I know it has complete control
But sometimes my dreams overtake reality I find
And love lives for a while in my heart and soul.

Reality is not fair.
Reality does not care.
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7 Visitor Comments

Its pretty good. Sorta real in my case! Very cool! -Liv
This is a great peom. it touched my heart.
i REALLY liked this poem. im doing a project on "reality" . and it really helped me out. I think i like it so much 'cas its the honest truth about the whole world
if its the reality of a life we dont like to look back on, or a life that you feel you cant change or isnt worth changing. the question is,can you face what you dont like about your reality and use the ability to change that you know we all have. can you face your fears and change the perception of your own reality?
This peom is ever so true. reality doesnt care does it
lots of poems tell you that love is the worst thing that you can loose, but i think youve got it right. love is only a part of reality, and when that is gone.there is nothing left to hope for
Excellent poem, however, reality has also made me realize things weren't as bad as I thought they were.

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