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What fertile soil is to virile seeds is the long, lonely night to memories and regrets. The night becomes a hotbed for our regrets, hope, despairs, and vague, haunting memories that spring up from the fertile blackness that surrounds us. I find my deepest emotions emerge at night, some are warm and pleasant like a gentle fire on a cold day while others are tear at my very soul and leave me rent and despoiled. This is a poem about such a night.

Till Light Breaks

I've never seen a night so long or so quiet
A cold wind whispers her name through the pines
While night clouds race across a starless sky sublime
If God made the day, then the devil made this night

Tonight my memories are chasing her in my mind
And what havoc they wreak in their desperate plight
To catch her, hold her, only to find,
She has vanished, slipped away into the everlasting night

Still I don't know what I did wrong,
What I should have said, should have done
I would never have guessed I could hurt so long
But then I never expected her to be gone

I walk to the window and peer into the endless night
The clouds and the wind are gone now, there's only the moon
And tall, dark trees jutting up toward the ebony sky
A night bird calls out and my heart is filled with gloom

I never knew love until I knew you, love
Now all is gone, another's arms hold you
Another's lips sets your heart on fire, love
And someone else hears you whisper 'I love you'

I'm afraid this night will outlast the bottle of wine
Then what will I do, while I wait on the light
Of the sun breaking o'er the tall pines in the morning sky
To give me reprieve till the next eternal night.
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5 Visitor Comments

I loved this!
it is different from other poen it is so beautiful and uniqe
A very touching poem; well crafted. I found it by chance but liked it enormously. Well done.
This poem was amazing. It is so true and it really touched me. The Author did a great job.
sums up lost love perfectly

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