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Everyone should have their heart broken at least once in their life. It's the most intense pain one can feel. Even when I quit smoking, it didn't hurt this much.

Good-Bye My Love

A thought we shared
A life we lived
A love we had together

Good times
Bad times
Nothing lasts forever

A broken heart
A tear I shed
Love can have much pain

For knowing you
For loving you
So much I have gained

God's fairest child
An angel I have known
My soul you have touched

Good-bye my darling Cindy
It's over but always remember
I had loved you so very much
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18 Visitor Comments

nice it said true thing
this peom is really good i love this peom
it is a great oem im moning away from my love and i read it and i fell in love who ever wrote this congrats on that. God Bless you and everything with that.
heart touching words. i can actuallly relate to it. n u certainly made me cry . ! thnx :)
this rates a 10 for me . this poem touched my heart .
Nice poem. It touch the soul. Thanks
Great Poem, really touched my heart:(
Chels and Jess
This poem is really good and both of us liked it
This poem is really sweet i can't believe somebody could actually write something that touching and beautiful. Well done!And you certainly made me shed a tear.
it's nice
that a woderful peom. sorry what happened. i would give him thums up. i would give him an a+
i wrote a poem almost like yours! i csn really relate to me! im moving on with my life coz i believe that i will meet the one that can match the love i wasted on him!great poem
I think your exactly right that someone needs to have their heart broken at least once. I have only been alive for not very many years, but I have had my heart broken by many. and really this poem helps me to relize that im not alone. so really I want to thank you for taking the time to wright a poem about how you feel and even though I don't know you I am proud of you that you had to courage to make a poem about how you felt. so many others probably would have been to ashamed of their true feelings!
this is one the most beautiful and romantic poems i have ever read. it seems to me so very true and so very sad. well done keep it up. its better to love n loose than not ot love at all. god bless you.
i love this poem and i have sent it to my boyfriend that i don't see and i told him that i was sorry for ending the love we had
really sweet poem.brought a tears to my eyes
i really like this poem it touch me and my boyfriend hard i read it to him and he realize that he broke me heart very bably. thank you for sharing this poem
Really Liked This Poem Thank You!

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