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I wrote this poem, after meeting someone to whom I felt a strong connection. The words "soul mate" didn't occur to me right away. If we are soul mates... He doesn't recognize me as such. This was written to try to explain to myself and him what I am feeling and the confusion and frustration it has left in my mind.

Lost Souls

In this heartless creation
It is hard to understand
Why some souls choose to wander

Yet I am lost without wandering
My love is a ghost
Ancient - with wisdom
Vital - with tears
Not able to move on
Unable to let go

It's hard to remember a love
You don't recognize in this life
Yet the memory is without thought
Agony - without knowledge
This love - is without mercy

Passing through eternity
Life to the next
Forever searching
In a labyrinth of whispers
For a blissful love

Longing for the touch
I'll sense when I feel
Whispering to my heart
Comforting this stoned soul

Our love burns within me
But I am lost in the shadows
This entity of dreams
Forever killing me

I believe this love is eternal
The flame will not relinquish
Forever circling me
The very matter of my existence

But for now I simply breath
Awaiting your rescue
Music - bonding our souls
Pain - stirring the memories
While silence shouts out this melody
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18 Visitor Comments

Beautiful is th word for this.
very capturing and deep poe. love it!
This poem really touched me, why because i feel that same kind of love, lost yet knowing of the past slowly slipping into darkness. i know how sweet maddness feels
It's a beautiful piece, I enjoyed it. It brought tears to my eyes to see the magic I felt, for I felt as if someone knew how deep down, inside this broken heart really feels. It made me happy, and I took minutes after reading it, thinking about it, wondering if it would ever happen again. I've seen pieces of work like this, just flow from the heart and soul, but yet it is wonderfully put together, making a beautiful portrait for everyone else to see, and take in. Some can take a look at it and judge it as another poem, but when I saw it, I voted it as the most amazing yet. So, Thank you. For sharing this outstanding piece with everyone else, including me. 'Tis very breath taking.
Your poem was SOOO nice and touching. i know how u feel. i also met someone who i feel is my soul mate, but he doesn't seem to understand why i am so interested in him.
You don't know how close to my heart the feelings and emotions of the poem hits. I am going through things in my life, and today, especially, I feel like I'm losing my soulmate. Thank you for sharing your story.
A very beautiful poem indeed! It contains a wealth of depth, and yet is so simple and free from pretension.
I think that your poem is very good. I'm to give this poem to my husband and hope that he has a change in heart. Because right now we are going through somethings. So Pray for me and I hope your poem wins. Good Luck!
I loved this poem. It's very melodic and well-crafted. I can totally relate to it.
very good poem. i feel the same way at the moment.someone that i thaught was my soulmate turned out to be someone i didnt really even know.a very cold hearted guy
The poem is beautiful, and it surprised me by reflecting a lot of feelings that I have experienced.
It is a really good poem. That I can relate to anyways.
Fantastic piece that is very insightful and emotionally charged
Simplify script which annotates the contradiction state of mind vividly and incisively.
I'm there. My soul is definitely lost.
I SEE thiS POem whEn I LooK In The Mirror

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