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This poem is about my grandmother who had Alzheimer's disease, and what it is like to see someone you love lose their abilities.

Do I Know You?

Hi Grandma, How are you today?
Hello Honey, Do I know you?
Yes Grandma, it's me.

This is how we start each conversation and end it too.
I'm sorry, do I know you?
You used to ask about school.
Now it's, do I know you?

We use to discuss my future plans
or the trips you and gramps would plan.
Now I talk and on your response I can depend.

You were so active and full of joy.
Now you seem sad and angry.

For my visits you were so glad.
Now for the distraction you seem mad.

I too am mad at this disease that has us all so sad.
I'm sorry I disturbed you. I'll be going now.
Excuse me, do I know you?
Isn't it sad?
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23 Visitor Comments

Kathy that was so good that was the best poem i have read today it made me cry cuz i grandma is going through the same thing and it brakes our hearts watching them lets just keep our heads up and be strong cuz you know our grandmas would be proud of us keep up the great work
Wow. My grandmom died with alzheimers, and I can totally relate to this poem. The feelings were expressed so beautifully.
awww i would just cry if the one i loved asked me that! "do i know u?"
this poem iz so sad it kinda reminds mje of how i feel bout mi grandma
Oh my gosh, my grndma is sick, too and on the decline. She has diebetis. I know how you feel. that is so sad.
I just wanted to say that that ws a really good poem. you are very talented keep up the good work.
my great grandma had alzheimers syndrome and i know from experience the pain of going to see someone you love so much someone you gave so much of yourself too and they don't even remember you but you have to hang in there because in life we must just keep on keeping on and hope for something better! always smile tina
Nice work ;) p. s. I hope your grandma some how feels better
You have alot of talent! Not alot of people can make a poem that makes me cry (tear. Ha. Ha. ). If I said that "I know how it feel" I would be lieing. It must feel bad to see someone that you love so much be like that. To have your last memiry of them be like that. Just don't forget who they really are/were bofor the disise.
sandy (sis)
very touching and true thanks for such a great poem
This poem describes actually some of the conversations I had with my grandma when she was alive. She had this disease, which we didn't know what was, the doctors said she was tired of live, and that should be the reason for not eating or drinking water. She passed away like a baby. There were only bones left of her, so skinny she was. We lost her last year, I still remember the sweet conversations we had together before she died. And the things she used to do. And the things she teached me and showed me. Now, it's all gone, gone for ever and I miss her so badly.
Baby Thug
Your poem is really good. Just recently my granny found out that she has a brain tumor. they say she suffers from memory loss, she can't remember anyone but me. Me an her used to discus my future plans now its "how is this place treatin ya". Its very sad to see someone so sweet like her go through somethin like this. The doctors say that she may die within 4 months. And that she soon will forget me too.
hunny, this poem touched me so deeply, my nanna has alzheimers also and i kno exactly how it feels, it hurts so so bad to see someone who used to kno every scar now finding it hard to recall your name, thank you so so much for this poem, you are truly an angel
This poem was really sad i mean i have been through that with my uncle he didn't remember nothing he just asked us who we were it is very sad to think about it again. Your poem was very nice!
this is a very good poem i just would like to tell you that you did a very good job
Your poem is so beautiful, and it made me cry. I cannot imagine something of the sort happening to me, but to all of those who this is happening to you are in my prayers.
this poem made me cry so hard. my father is only 39 and is gettin like that cause his diabeatys and im only 14 yrs old i went to see him at the hospitol the other day and he greeted me like this Who Are You???? i almost broke down but I really love your poem and please pray for my dad is close to dying.
This poem really made me cry, just recently my grandpa didnt recognize me and it had to be the one thing in the world that hurt the most. we were once so close how can just one day he no know me? You reminded me to go visit him . Thank You
I liked this peom because my grandma is getting this way.she isnt quite that bad though. but i could relate to this poem
i to understand this to much i also lost the most precious lady in my life she was my MOM and i printed this poem and have taped it to the dash of my race car and will read this in all the MOTHERS memorys before each race
this is an excellent poem.

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