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This poem was written for someone who treats people badly, who uses them as if they were some toy, or cheap object. It's about the pain and loss of self esteem that goes along with being treated in such a way. It's also about the love that someone can have for another, even when the other doesn't care enough to even try.

Flavor Of The Day

Here you come,
creeping back in.
Inside your ever-changing tastes,
once again, I'm the flavor of the day.
Are we still the same?
Now I'm burning in vain.
I gave you too many chances,
and you left me standing alone in the rain.
I loved you too much,
and then I learned it wasn't worth the pain
I brought down on myself.
I still love you so very much,
and here I am,
the flavor of the day,
melting alone in the rain.
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19 Visitor Comments

GAWR the poem was amazing its like you can love and hate someone at the same time. and no matter how much you care for them they will never appreciate it. you feel like everyday they feel something different about you. and no matter how bad they've done you can never stop loving them. i feel like im never going to stop loving my ex bf.
this has happened to me. this person has hurt me, and yet i always find it in my heart to 4give her. i still love her. she was an amazing friend. but she left me alone. i will never forget the betraytel i felt. keep writing these amazing poems. they are so vivid. they are great.
I never read like this poem,its so beatiful & touch my heart. this poem do not forget in my life. i can understand the feeling in that poem of the auther. don't stop write it and send to my eMail i want to read,like a first fan of u .
this poem is so true. the same happend to me a while ago.
i know what she was feeling when she wrote this so its easy for me to relate i hope she doesent feel that way anymore.
I'm feeling this. I don't understand why some people think of others as their variety of icecream or candy on any given day!
This poem touched me because I have a problem. I'm in love with a boy named Martez but his real name is Fernando. I tell him everyday that I love him so much. I know that he love me, but he won't admit it around his friends. He will only admit it over the phone. I just love him. I try to get him to be my boyfriend but it seems that he only wants to make me jealous by hugging up on a gurl. When he see me with a boy he get really mad, but yet he don't want to go with me. I love him so much but I can't wait for him. The fact is we both crazy about each other like we both have out hearts connected, but we seem so seperated.
that poem just speaks my mind. to the author: i really know how you felt like when you wrote this- this feeling is what i've been crying for the whole day today and still i know: if he'd be right here& i'd be the flavour of the day . i couldn't refuse.
I kind of feel like one of the many flavors of the day when it comes to my situation. What can you do when when you love someone so much and the only part of them that loves you back is the child that he left you with?
i know how it is! i just went through this! great poem!
this poem put all the thoughts that i coouldn't figure out how to say into words. thanx
Hopefully you have moved on from this guy. it sounds as if you may never lose whatever bond you share but yes,flavor of the day is an excellent title. Loved it.
wow u've said all i wanted to say i in a relationship like that now and this guy is treating me like the flavor of the day and it hurts at least i know i'm not alone thank you so much. i'm crying like a baby thank you keep up the good work ur awesome
I've felt the pains of love and guilt and I know how much it hurts to love someone and for them to use you till there's nothing left not even dignity.
This Poem Was the best. It this has happened to the best of us.
I have been relating to this poem for the past 2 years and i think you did a great job it shows true feelings!
i can completely relate to being a flavor of the day whenever it convienient for the other person. i know that it can make you feel second string and not good enough. im glad to know theres someone who i can relate to ! great poem!
this is a great poem, i have been put through the same thing for the past 5 months..i know your pain
This was an awesome poem. I can really relate to what Jenni's feeling because I'm in the same situation right now.

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