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I wrote this poem late one night. I was in a very strange mood. I had not been getting much sleep. mostly due to insomnia, and was a bit sad about lost love. And why I had moved so far away from home.

Dance Of Terror

Window panes come crashing down
Amidst the tears and pain
Vanishing hopes are gone and flew away
Up above through twilight
Shadows cast across the floor
Reflections of the past
Trembling thoughts of one
Dwelling deep within the soul
A mystical sense of reality
Captured by the craze
All in bewilderment
Of the shock in the wave
Creatures of the dimness
Chattering amongst the green
Everything slows in stillness
What is this we see?
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85 Visitor Comments

i think it should be a 5 star poem, because it really shows thoughtand emotion.
This is so nice!
Nice poem,ill soon be writing about my lost love
I. liked this poem. it was woderful. i think it really meant a lot to me. because some bad things have been happening to me in my life right now. and i have bad insomnia right now. so i guess. i can just kind of relate or something. in other words. i loved it. great job.
Its really nice. Touched me.
I liked it much, it has a certain jumping point in it that captures the reader.
i like ur poem i feel like that sometimes when im awake and cant sleep hope u write some more poems good luck
I like it
have a friend that felles the same way.
a good and thoughtful piece
ii like this peom too cause this poem is liek talking about how our pain actuallybrings a life of its own i understand its menaing this poem is so unique
awwwwwww this was such a sad poem. but i loved it
i don't know what to say ,, but its really good ,,
its really nice poen i love it
i realy love this poem, it reminds of so many nights when im lying awake, your realy talented. i would give it a 9 out of 10
this is a good poem it gets you thinking about the loved ones you miss i losed my aunt and i dint even get to tell her i love her b/c we were all ways fighting
Wow. I loved this. Feeling came through those words. I am very touched at this poem. It touched me very much.
you have a great sense infreestyle keep on letting your feelings out on the great world of poetry
im only 12 butthis poem touched me i found it very intresting and so read it to my mates they enjoyed it to Siobhan ---Xxx---
this poem touched my heart because ive been through the same things
this poem really touched me it said everything that i feel the writer did a very good job when this was written
It reminded me of the theatre. People on stage making us feel real things that belong to the stage. I wote for this because it can be so many things to so people people.
man i really like this i read it and it was like oh my god wow
i think ur realy talented. sum of those lines r realy deap and i can relate totally to what mood ur in. like u said u ws ina strange mood. wen ur upset but dont realy have a particular cause for the pain, and ur poem doest have a particular topic. its just random fealings in every line. its great. i love writing but my poems are so to the point and obvious. you have really inspired me.
is this about hurricane katrina
I really felt and understood what it said
wow wow thats all i say now i dont feel alone wow
R u really tlking about something?? I luv this poem!
i was so touched by this poem. it is so meaningful
i loved this poem.
i love it! espesially cuz its dark and your in pain
This poem is really good
this is awesome I love to read people's poems cuz i am striving to be a writer this touched me thanks
this poem is an exceptional work of art! wonderful*****
it was a great poem coz its true and i like that and so does most people
I just like this poem it makes you think of life.
I think your poem was awesome. I can relate to some of the emotions you used in this poem. Trust me I've been their.
june star
this is so much like me do you see there are a few of us like that i loved it and wish you well.
I loved this poem it was fabulous so meaningful!
very nice Poem. love it.
i yhink the poem was very good n it sends a message out
I though that it really jumped out at people and made them think about what the words mean't. lovely poem. enjoyed it heaps
i liked it. it mad eme think of my long lost love who left to the army the other night and has no idea i love him
i like the poem, its very touching to me at least.
The poem was really sad and it got me thinking. What would we see?
I love it! It is a very good poem. Write more.
i really liked this poem of lost love . i am a seperated woman , just got seperated from my partner , and when i read this poem , i felt the same ,i am badly hurt and have gone through the same pain of lost love. which we never get back.
good poem really makes you think!
i like you poems awsome
this is a wonderful poem and i love it you got some true talent so keep on writing your work would get my vote anyday so next time send me oyur work and ill e mail you about it ~skyla~
I understand the author's feelings I have been there. It's like you start to dance and it's all so nice then the dance takes on a life of its own. One you can't control. You get lost in it.
Well If The Poet Is Talking About 9/11 Then It Really Touched Me And If That Isnt What They Were Talking About Thats What It Made Me Think About. It May Touch Some More Than Others Like It May Effect Me More Than Others Because I Lost Someone (My Uncle) That Day And That Day Was My Birthday. I Know That I Am Not The Only One But I Am One Of The Few.
This help me so much by I making it into a song and letting my felings out. I thank God for you. Lizzy
I thought this one, it was, it was interesting, it describes alot of peoples life. the memoris, the sad times, the rough times, and the sad tears weve all cryed, and never knew we really could tear out.
This poem have touched me and I can't help but say I do hope things get better for you.
I love it! It really touches the soul and makes you think.
WOW! all that i can say is WOW! i tottaly understood what was happening in the poem it was very deep and really captured alot of emotion i was really actually shocked at it. it just suprised me with all the emotion sorrow and pain. the thoughts i can tell were very deep and i basically loved it!
it is a beutiful poem, it shows you how powerful love is and how much it can hert. a new love is born every day, every where around the world but yet it is rare, and its not every day that YOU find some one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and whene you do you dont want to let go of it, but some times you hav to, and you might never find some one els, and that herts the most. this is the best poem
this is a real gd poem, n its real sad aswell.
I think this poem is graet because I can relate to all of the emotions used in it.
i really like this poem it sad but good
I love this poem it expresses so much
I loved it it's so deep with thoughts, the best!
that was one of the best poems ive heard in a while
this poem is very good it is one of my favorites
good poem it really touched me
This poem touch me. It was really great. It made me cry.
This poem gave me chills, it was a real sese of what really happens, and i've been though that before. pain. suffering. and you poem just made me feel like. like i'm not alone.
Great Poem! It made me think about life in a new way!
Awesome poem!
this poem just brings me into it!
This so true.
Good Work, keep writing!
your poem was so sad. i think that you shouldn't lose hope.
very good poem.
It's very good, use of words are expressive and rich.
very good poem
Brilliant! It touched me and many others. keep writing you have a great talent!
Very nice poem it made me cry
All the coment are true its a great poem i have dicieded that it is going to read at my funeral
Very expressive piece. Bravo!
Great poem.Its hard to find people to appreciate stuff like that but you won't have a problem
this poem is very good you can make the picture come alive in your mind well done
good poem.

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