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This poem is a description of some of the dark periods in my life. Circumstances in life cause us to create walls of protection around our hearts. These walls also serve to encage us when we wish to be free. It is my experience that those walls, at times, cause more pain then they prevent.


Wandering in darkness grope,
Finding not a glimpse of hope.
Fingers touch to find my way,
Each foot fall, my heart betrays
The fear which drives me through the day.

Suddenly the ground is lost,
Flailing arms as body's tossed.
Splashing down in crimson pool,
The warm embrace is much too cruel,
I curse this lowly, wretched fool.

Floundering in this self made hell,
Warmth increasing as I dwell,
Within the confines I create,
Screaming as myself berate,
Giving in to this, my fate.
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38 Visitor Comments

I LOVE IT! I could really relate what you were writing about.
Ur poem waz kewlio. It made me sort of sad but in a happy way. Just know that U are loved, even by me the crazy cookie lov'n, anime freak, gothly bound, and hormoanlly stressed wanna-be artist.
Amazing. I love this poem. How old are you?
I really liked this poem
i felt touched this is a beautiful poem good job keep up the good work
Hey! I really liked your poem. it was really deep.
this poems is really deep if you ead it a couple times and really try to relate to it its amazing
I really liked this poem. It is awesome!
wow. i really liked this poem. thats exactly how i feel. now i just need to learn to deal with me fate.
I really like your poem. It's full of emotion and sadness and, and, and. In other words it's perfect.
This is very tounching
Overall it was good. I really like the last stanza.
I loved you're poem. I give it 2 thumbs up. It was uplifting, and magnificant! Beautifully constructed and easy to pace with. I think you really have talent, and should take it up a noch, Never give up, no matter what people say, because beauty lies in the darkness too. *
it's nice
wow i totally now what you mean bc im so scared of love i dont know why and i agree what you said that sometimes our barriers hurt us then protect us, and thats totally true your poem was very touching and i totally understood everything that you said. i loved it
I Love this poem especially because this happened to me! i think a authors purpose to write poems based on every day life wich is awesome! thank you it made me feel very good!
Hey well that a cool poem. You shud keep writing. Anyways your poem really opened my eyes. I've never red a poem like that before. It was the greatest poem i have ever red.
I think this was a great poem. it was really touching and it described how i feel when I'm depressed. so I thought it was great!
Absaloutly brilliant well done
this is very deep poem.
This poem touched me so much that I started to cry when I read it.
I think this poem is from the heart. I really like the way she used her words. I enjoyed reading this poem.
I really liked this poem. I'v read many and this is one of the best.
This poem is cool I loved it. I hope you wrot more. And believe me I know how you feel.
i have felt like this many time before i completly relate the truth is what you think and want to be true with love hardly ever is i think this is about being lied to by a man what i learnd is it takes awhile but trust your instincts not your heart
i love this poem it really touched me
I think this poem really might help people relize that the the hell that they might live in may have been created by them.
That is a wonderful poem. It has so much meaning in it. Keep writing.
Your poem was so touching! Is a very good poem and hope that you keep writing!
This was a very good poem with lots of rhyming words.
that was a really good poem and am hoping to see more from you great Job
This poem, honestly, si the best on the site so far. It's so real and i can relate so well. You have a talent for poetry, really.
luv it!
This poem was very inspiring
this is a very awesome poem and I think that everyone feels like this!
It's a very strong poem. Every teenager feels this way some time in their life!
I love this poem!!! The wording is so descriptive, and I feel like I can relate to the poem, even though we might be thinking of different things.
deep and meaningful. sad to hear

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