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A friend of mine is getting divorced after months of separation. He said even though he had moved most of things out of the house he shared with his wife, he never felt that the marriage was really over until he rented a U-haul to go back to his house and move himself out. As we talked, I could see that his emotions were converging...sadness.. relief...and even a little shock that the truth of what was happening was real. This poem is dedicated to him. May he heal.

The Moving Van

The moving van pulled up today
and I knew this time I would leave.
That orange truck unnerved me so
that only now I begin to grieve.

It’s been months since I left,
but I guess it’s finally true.
I was fine until the U haul came,
separating my life, from you.

We tried to make it work;
and worked to make it right.
Somewhere in the middle though,
you gave up the fight.

As sure as I am that this is the way
that I must travel alone,
I wasn’t prepared to feel like this,
my heart, heavy as stone.

Moving on isn’t always easy
saying good bye is hard as hell.
Time may heal my heart some day;
but then again, who can tell.

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I really like this poem. It reminds me of m first love. it didn't really work out but I fought like hell for him. The problem was that he gave up on us. I love him still though I'm in a better and healthier relationship, I'm not in love with him. I have grieved for 1 long year and sometimes I still feel the pain but I'm slowly but surely getting over it. Thanks for the wonderful poem!
very vivid - love the juxtaposition of feelings

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