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I find this a very tough subject for me to elaborate on. Probably, because there is still much pain in my life stemming from this subject. When love dies there is often regret and sorrow but when you, yourself, cause the love to die the guilt, alone, can kill you.

I'm not sure if arrogance plays a part in making someone reach beyond what they already have for something they know they can never hold on to. I'm not sure what makes people think the grass is greener elsewhere, so to speak. The one thing I am sure of is someone I loved very deeply and who loved me back genuinely is no longer a part of my life, all for one night with a stranger.

For Shame

For shame it has to end this way.
For shame we let love slip away.
For love, once held priceless, endears-
Time, standing still for lovers lost in years-
Of gleaming stars and dreaming eyes,
Golden sunsets on ice-blue skies,
Soft velvet wings on which love flies-
Beyond all facets of acclaim.
Burning, yearning, raging higher.
Dipped in passion, tipped with desire.
As to the sky the flames aspire-
In two unbound souls set aflame.
We touched, we loved, we had it all,
Yet foolish hearts roam untame.
To the allure of a stranger's call,
We lost it all, for shame.

For shame memories of moments tender-
Would die in forgotten splendor,
As all the dreams we once embraced-
Are lost forever and defaced.
As the very stars dimmen before my eyes.
Rain falls from melting, ice-blue skies.
And the red rose dies beneath scarlet lies-
Yet I can't even recall her name.
Where priceless love is bought and sold,
Smoldering ashes cannot warm the cold,
Blackness swallows the sunsets of gold,
And thoughtless emotion bears no claim.
For broken wings never again shall fly,
Nor this foolish heart roam untame.
For each night with but a dreaming eye-
I still see your face, for shame.
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7 Visitor Comments

luz de la luna
three words: i love it
Oh my god. I love your poems. all of them. Its like you took the words right out of my mouth. If you stop writing poems it will be a crime against humanity you know that right I put them on a poster board and they hang in my room now.
I have to say what you wrote reminds me of what I lost. Words are spoken very clear and feelings are deeply felt. I simpathize with your writting. I find it very good
I think this was better than half of the poems I wrote in my's so sweet,I cried
i like your poem, very poignant! if she truly loved you she could have given you another chance. Love is forgiving, goes beyond the frailties of human soul.
Michael, what a clever arrangement you have compiled. Quite a genuine poem, I could read it over and over.
Such sincere regret, what an honest and heartfelt poem. I believe this person deserved a second chance ;) Sincerely, Mary

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