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Friend is a term used very loosely today. In reality, few people in life who I call friends are anything more than acquaintances. They're certain things we can expect from a true friend however: Compassion, support, honesty to name a few.

Maybe even more important than all of these is respect. Respecting a friend's choices in life, especially when they aren't pleasing to you, can be a grievous task, pushing to emotional extremes. In some cases, a very hard lesson learned.

Still, my own heart being tested by someone I hold very dear, I've come to hold friendship in an even higher regard. Just what would you do (or not do) for a "friend" in light of their happiness? At what point is the line of trust crossed?

A Friend

I watch you walk up with man-
I've never seen before.
You introduce me as "a friend",
Well, who could ask for more?

I smile and ask how you have been,
Trying not to let the pain show.
All the while dying deep within,
A love I can't let go.

I find I'm still prone to sunlight shone-
O'er highlights on golden tresses-
Of soft hair glistening, reminiscing-
In my thoughts, your sweet caresses.

Mystifying eyes still mesmerize-
My mind, like diamonds gleaming.
In memory of you and me-
I find myself day-dreaming.

Then, my worse fear, pulling me near,
A kiss upon the cheek.
I pray you don't see, like glass, through me-
How your touch still makes we weak.

I turn my head in nervous dread-
You'll note the tear in my eye.
To catch my breath I give a deep sigh,
But, then, I hear you say good-bye.

My heart reeling in desperate feeling,
Screams out from emptiness.
Words in my head forever left unsaid-
As I only wish you happiness.

You walk away holding his hand,
An image Time seems to suspend.
For in all held true, I never knew-
It could hurt so bad to have "a friend".
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18 Visitor Comments

Amazingly true. Im in love with a friend, but I have a girlfriend. My friend told me she met a guy. my feelings can not be better described as it is in this poem! Ive never read words more true.
luz de la luna
i love it. this poem explains exactly how i feel at the moment. i feel in love n now im the friend. and it still hurts. your amazing and so are you poems. wow this poem is just aahh i LOVE it
Really nice great poem touched me
i have one word for this poem. WOW !
Great poem. really describes the pain of being put on the back burner after being your love's centerpiece for so long.
This poem has just made me shed a few tears as I'm in just that situation right now. To complicate matters I'm married myself and have recently been hurt in that relationship. My wife is away on holiday and my friend has just been down to visit last night and today. She was all full of good news, her new car and of course the photo of her new bloke. We've been friends for over seven years now and she still makes me feel the same way that I did the first time we met. To qoute lyrics form the song "Strange and Beautiful" by Aqualung:- "Sometimes, the last thing you want comes in first, Sometimes, the first thing you want never comes, And I know, that waiting is all you can do, Sometimes. "
I love the way you can put everything it means to love and lose into words. Like feelings flowing from your fingertips into your writings. Very Very Good!
You put into words what so many feel in their hearts and only dream we could say. thank you
I love this poem - it expresses what I feel perfectly. Thanks :)
lauren aka Bobby
i couldhave never said it the way u just did. it was amazing i can relate. sometimes hearing the words "friend" can break you.
you are the best, that poem fit everything. keep it real.
this is a very good poem I am going through the same things
I just wanted to say that this is one of the most beautifully written poems I have ever read; however, I'm sorry that it had to come from such a sad experience. Fortunately, time heals itself and I hope that everything is now worked out.once again, great job, I was able to relate to ur experience and it could not have been put better
What a great poem, you are such a talented writer. I think i like it so much because I can relate.I like it so much that I put it under my favorites. I just wanted to tell you what a great job you did writing it, and i sincerely hope things are better for you now :)
I loved this is so true
very true.
I think this is a great poem, but perhaps it is becuase it relates to me so much.A love that just can't be.*sigh* It's a great poem once again.

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