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This poem was written after losing someone I loved. It shows my exact feelings at the time and releases the inner thoughts of loneliness. If you have ever lost someone you loved dearly then you will be able to relate to the emotions in this poem.

Wishful Thinking

I want to cover you in roses until the thorns make you bleed.
Make you feel the pain you have forced me to see.
The rain falls around me like a million stabbing knives,
And you don't seem to understand why my heart dies.
Your soul is mine; my heart is yours.
Why can't we stay like this; please stop slamming doors.
I'm locked out without a key.
To the ground fall pieces of me.
Pieces that your touch made warm
Your love was like honey that bees did swarm.
My life ends when you give up.
I wish I was the wine you drink from your cup.
I want to be the breeze on your hot day.
The sun on your back as you lay.
But some devious spirit has blown out the flame.
We are different, yet we are the same.
Lay with me here in this grave,
And pray for God my life to save.
For there is no me when you disappear.
My cries to you you do not hear.
The pain is unbearable; I hope you can feel it.
You can see the hurt in my face; I cannot conceal it.
Come back to me now and let me feel your skin.
Release me from these chains that hold my heart within.
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2 Visitor Comments

Jessie, When I read your poem, it gave me a clear understanding what my close friend is going through. The love of his life just walked out one evening and started a new life. He still wants to be with him and waiting for him to come home. I truly understand now. I sure your poem has touched many hearts. Prayfully submitted Linda
Dear Jessica, I think you are very talented. There must have been s ome bastard who inspired you to write this poem but well, thank god to bad rubbish I hope. It is an extremely sensitive poem which touches the heart of those suffering from love lost. Thank you. i enjoyed reading it.

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