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Though I'm only 15 I have Experienced love, the joy and the pain. This was written a couple of months after I found my boyfriend with another girl. The pain was very real, like the love I had for him. I'll never forget those months afterwards, When everybody called me the Fallen Angel.

Fallen Angel

Her head hung low,
her heart beat fast.
But when he walked out of the room,
She raised her head high.
Maybe she'll get over him,
Maybe she wont cry.

It's been a long time now,
People say she should move on,
But she just can't get over him.

They talk about the time,
When they shared all that love,
But nobody understands,
Why she's still in love.

She falls to the ground,
And try's to get back up,
But the fear keeps pushing her down.
Will she ever escape the memory of his love?

Her wings are torn and tattered,
Her halo slipping low.
But they say one day she will rise again,
As only the Fallen Angel can.
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12 Visitor Comments

This pome is so real!
This is one of the best poems on this site becouse i am also a fallen angel i fell in love with this guy and i never knew how it felt to get hurt by him untill one day when he broke up with me because of a friend of mine that told him a lot of crap about me that wasnt even true. but any ways u got the power to do any thing that u need to do i swear that u do.
It sad for me.
too sad
i myself am almost 14 and have fallen in love also
i loved this poem it touched me although i am almost 14 i have fallen in love also just like jessi but noth the girl i am with right now, another girl named jessi actually. jessi whod o you love because although you say it u r not a fallen angel u r my angel. this poem really made me think about my own life i loved it and hope that u can write more like this one----yours sincerely to sad to reveal
I really liked it. I know EXACTLY how she feels. When you cant help yourself from loving him still. You cant ever forget, and the memories are what hurt. He is what will always make her hurt. No one understands, not even her.
I really really liked that one. it is one of the best! You will rise again, forever and always! Lylas! buhbye!
i absolutely love your poem. im only 15 also and ive fallen in love with the most wonderful guy. he moved away from me, and yes we have had our seperations. and i feel just like that angel that has fallen when he finds someone new. you have a true talent! keep it up for all of us heartbroken teens out there! :)
i really like this poem, b/c im going through the same thing right now and its very hard. good job on the poem.
this poem helped me a lto with me ND MY ex-bf/ we just broke up and he moved on already. i lvoe him more then the world, still. nobosy knows why. i feel liei this girl so much in this poem and i think its on eof them best poems i ever read.
Even though im only 14, i have also fallen in love.
This Poem is one of the best poems ever written, it shows the depth of hurt by a loved one, it gives you the motivation to move on and that your not the only one who hurts and feeling not being able to move on.

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