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Sorrow rivals love as the greatest emotion. When I lost love, I hit rock bottom and thought nothing would lift me up. Everyone around me was happy to see my relationship ended, and I acted as though I too was relieved. However, one cannot hide from one's own emotions. One must face them, fully express them, and move on. I wrote this to express the sorrow that I felt but could not show.


Gazing across the cracked plains of my soul
I see a mirage of the person I used to be.
No traces of my heart or the happiness you stole,
This transparent illusion is all that's left of me.

Nothing grows where there was once a forest.
Everything good in me died when our love died.
I can't stand the emptiness in my chest!
When you promised me forever you lied.

The clock on my wall stands still at midnight,
And the hand of my soul is frozen on 'Sadness.'
I no longer have the will to fight.
Whether I live or die matters less.

Oh, to once more taste your tender lips on mine!
To run my fingers through your soft hair!
Alas, the sun has set, nevermore to shine
Into my cell where I sit on my electric chair.
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5 Visitor Comments

Wow, very Edgar Allan Poe. Favorite poet so you scored big!
Thanks for the great poem. I completelly relate to it. It has been almost 11 months but yet I am still finding it hard to move on,even though he did nothing but hurt me over & over again,but it does help to know that I am not alone. Thank You!
Wonderful poem. I have been there and you have put into words many of us feel when we are 'there'.
Wow, I've been there a few times. Great poem, Ryan.
that was deep man

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