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This poem is about how I let someone I love go, I had my reasons but now they seem unimportant.

I Can't Believe

I can't believe I let him go,
I never had anyone love me so.
He made me laugh,
He made me cry,
I wish I could explain the reasons why.

He filled my life with love every day,
I wish I never sent him away,
He gave me so much in every way,
It didn't matter, night or day.

Nothing was ever too much trouble,
Why did I have to burst the bubble?
I wish I could turn back the clock,
And be as we were before,
But I was scared, so I just shut the door.

I hope you learn from reading this,
Not to give him one last kiss,
Don't send him on his way,
I know you will regret it the next day.
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14 Visitor Comments

This poem hit me hard. It's just what I did with my first love, and have regretted it ever since.
i love this poem. it reminds me of a guy i let go for another jerk. and now i miss him so much and still beg for another chance with him.
this poem so relates to me i have just spilt up wiv sum 1 very special and i dont knw why and that last bit of your poem is so right cuz im regreting it now and i didnt want to let him go but sumthing just when away and now i ave lost him for gud and i thanku for sharing this poem wiv others cuz it has made me relise just how much i do really love him thanku
very good poem what the poem saids it's all telling the truth about me!
Thanks for writing this poem i Just had to go through this and its hurting so much. I know he still cares but he is using the excuse we are now bro and sis and its hurting me b/c i dont want it that way i want him period. Thanks so much for this poem
Me as a guy touched me really bad sice I was with a girl for year and 4 months, and I wish she felt the same way like you do. But a lot of them are just cold-blooded. I am really sad espacially after reading this poem.
I am in tears..If only I had read your poem yesterday....I miss him so much!
This is really deep and meaningful as I went through the same thing. It's been over 2 months and I still haven't been able to let go. Thankyou for writing this poem.
Man, thank you! I thought I was the only one out there who felt so crazy! I just left my boyfriend and I love him so much. I lay around sobbing my days away since I've left. I want to get him to come back but I don't know how.
This is a great poem.I love it. In fact, I did the exact same thing and now I regret it really bad. Its been almost 4 months and it feels as if was yesterday that everything happened.I miss him and I want him back, but its too late now.It feels good to know that I'm not alone. Thanks a lot for writig this poem.
This is exactly what happened to me and it still hurts so much even after 2 and a half months I can't get over the pain that I have caused myself. Your poem is great!
I just went through that situation a couple of weeks ago!
This poem touched my heart and really relates to my life... thank you for writing it and understanding how it feels.
I love you

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