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This poem was written for my first true love. A person that means a lot in my life and that showed me what it feels like to be loved. Like any great relationship, it was wonderful, it was like a fantasy or a dream. She changed the way I think about life and about myself. I learned that you have to open your heart and be willing to listen and understand your partner.

But things got in our way and we slowly grew apart from each other. This poem is about the way I feel after this person walked away from my side and a wish to let her know how much I miss and feel about her,

If I Could Let You Know

If I could let you know
The star that used to be ours
Doesn't shine anymore
How much I miss the way you used to kiss
The nights we shred
filled with joy and bliss
If I could let you know
The soft warm breeze
that used to blow around me
Is now gone and cold
If I could let you know
The flowers in my way
Don't bloom like before
Ever since the destiny took you away
If I could let you know
How much I appreciate the time
When we were one
The days when you were mine
When everything around us
was filled with life
We were louder than love
But I guess the heavens from up above
didn't accept us falling in love
I guess we wasn't meant to be
but why did you come to me?
I guess the destiny is the one to blame
If I could let you know
That I love you and that I miss you
My beautiful angel
and that if we couldn't be in this crazy world together
Someday I will be up there
with you forever.
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14 Visitor Comments

i love this poem all the words and feeling put together were a work of art . Keep wrting job well done and I can relate soo much to this poem about a person once in my life curtis. Such wonderful work and u truely have a way with words thank u for wrting for me it help as a way of releasing of what one feels.
Great poem , i reminds me of me and my ex!
it said something to me its very true and raw i really enjoyed reading it
This is just so beautiful!
Dang boy you must have realy loved that girl, i realy loved your poem, keep your head up it happends to the best, sad but true.
i felt the same way about a peron i love awesome job!
I Cried. I love it.
This poem touched me in SO many different ways. I've been trying to find a poem to express my love but none of them do it,this was about as close as it gets. The man i loved committed suicide last year and now i've had the hardest times.Thank you and this poem made me cry and fall in love with him all over again. Thank you so much. God bless you
Just beautiful. No words can express how it feels to lose your first true love, but this poem does perfectly reflect that feeling.
Jean brought tears to my eyes.
to be young and have lost so much, and to truly know what love is, we are the lucky
I really love your poem. I can relate to it all the way. I still have thoughts about my first true love and to this day he will remain a part of me forever. Keep up the good writing!
This poem is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes.
I dont know why, but this poem just struck me. I have never lost a love but this poem sure makes me thankful for what sepecial relatoinship that I do have.

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