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Well, this is about someone I let into my life. It may seem a bit melodramatic, but it was my feelings at the time of writing. My way of trying to let go the contempt that I have for someone I loved so much. I know this pain is not unique. But universal. Everyone experiences the hurt of someone whom is very reckless in regards to matters of the heart. Writing has always been my way to outlet the pain (and joy) in my life. Maybe even share it with another and give them comfort in knowing they are not alone.


I let another feel my skin....
Realizing they were not your hands..
I grew cold upon the touch
For this....
I Hate You.

He spoke to me sweet, promising words
Of love and life....reminiscent of the distant echo of
Your voice
I could not listen.
For this
I Hate you.

Try as I may to give myself to one more deserving,
I can not. With your assault so complete, The rape of my soul.
My heart. My life. Done with no remorse, no conscience, and no thought.

For these
I Hate You.

You promises not kept,
Words turned ugly,
Neglect so thorough
For all of this and more..
I Hate You.

For the love I selflessly gave to you
and you took and took from me....
I Hate YOU.

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12 Visitor Comments

For fourteen years of letting me selfishly love you.
Here, Here!
complete and raw honesty. I hate him too
Thank you for giving me the words to say to my will be ex boyfriend.
That was a nice poam i give it a ten good job.
You capture the essence of wounded women everywhere scarred by the memories of him.
Amazing. I know exactly the feeling expressed in this poem. so true. so painful to rememeber
I understand this poem too good, it hurts for someone else to feel the same I do.
This touched me, deeply. I heard my ex's voice in this, speaking to me. And though it hurts, I still will try, don't ever despair for love.
Amazing but true. Oh the ways of male deception!
I'm sniffling at work now, I hope you're happy. Seriously, a simple way of representing the emotions we go through when trying to trust enough again, to have to courage to love once more. And the bitterness for having to take another chance.
I thought this was a very well written poem.

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