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I wrote this poem in high school when our English teacher asked us to write a poem that didn't necessarily have to rhyme. She just wanted us to write something with emotion and feeling in it; Since I had just experienced a broken heart, it was easy to put my emotions into it.

And the result? I still had a broken heart, but I got an A+ from my English teacher.

Letting Go

There's nothing but the good country surrounding me. The
moon is shining brightly over the tree tops and its reflection
on the water is such a beautiful sight. This is a perfect
place for two people who are in love ...

As I sit here thinking about all the time I have wasted,
just sorting out my life -- I never really realized what
loneliness was until you were gone. It seemed as though
things were going so good until one day you left without a
single trace. All of our plans for the future were
shattered. There was to be no more of you and I together.
You were gone, gone forever. I still remember the times we
shared, but slowly these memories are going too. One day
they'll be gone just like you ...

I'm trying desperately to find you and bring you back to me.
I dream about you every day and pray that you'll come back,
but it's hopeless. There's no use in pretending, cause deep
down in my heart I know you've found another. Someone to take
my place, someone who'll love you -- but never like I loved
you. And even though you've found another, I'll be true to
you, even though you've asked me not to ...

My life seems so meaningless now. I'm useless - why was I
ever placed on this earth? What purpose do I serve? None,
none whatsoever. People tell me that another will come along
and take your place, but where is he? Who is he? Sometimes
I feel like giving up on life, on love, on everything, but I
can't. My spirits won't let me. I must go on - with or
without you. The things that ever really meant anything to
me are gone - vanished - never to come back to me again. All
I have left now is my dignity, but slowly that is slipping
away too ...

I have to get a grip on myself -- I can't let this get me
down. Life must go on. Maybe it's good that the memories are
going, maybe then I can go on with my life as meaningless as
it seems now. I don't hold it against you because you left
me. It's like they always say, "Let him go and if he really
loves you, he'll come back to you." But it's not that
simple, now is it? The only way to having true love is to
realize that someday it may be lost. Believe me, I realized
that a long time ago ...

The funny thing about all of this is if you were to come
back - I actually don't believe I would take you back. I
don't deserve such pain and torture. If you left me once,
you could do it again ...

Goodbye, my long lost love - maybe we'll meet again some day.
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23 Visitor Comments

Very nice poem.
i like it cus my x boy friend left me and i think just like this poem and i want to tell u i feel the same way it hurs so bad and u cantlet it go but ur trying to im so sry it happend to u to but u will get thro so good luck
its good. iam just in that situation right now. heart touchg. may god save all who are in this position
wow. ds poem reminds me of my past. u rily hve 2 move on although its rily hard but d only way 2 b happy is 2 4get all d pain. u can stll find sum1 hu will care nd luv u bck. gosh i ruly luv ds poem. thnx 2 u shrley. more power
wow. this poem is really great and i love it. it reminds me of my sad experience. yeah its really hard to say goodbye for someone you really love and moving on is the hardest thing to do. u cannot juz 4get the past. yes u may find new and better one but the mark of the past will still be with u 4ever. thanx to u shirley. i really really love your poem. *
hi! wow, that's a very wonderful poem. I know what you want to say with this poem. It's very sad, respect! I've showed my friends this poem, they liked it a lot! In this poem has a lot of emotions, that's great! best wishes Helen
I have also experienced lost love in the past and it does hurt like crazy so this poem saids it all. I thought it was truly very moving and very sad. I liked it a lot.
The feelings written in this poem are actually very real and very close to everyones heart who had lost his love. This poem seems to be so inspiring and touching. This lets all those ppl beleive in themselves who lost their love even though they did not do anything wrong. As they say If you are not wrong dont feel it. I really feel the author has touched my heart and whosoever reads this poem will feel the way I do for the author. Hats off to Shirley!
I loved this poem! It describes everything that I went through. It was a great way to express everything that goes on after a breakup.
hey!I really love this poem so much because my boyfriend just broke up with me and it's really touching so thanks!
i vote for this cause of the powerful message it brings and the last part says it all. if they do happen to return the sad thing is we would never take them back though we love them and yes it is true if they leave once they can obviously do it again!
wow this reminds me of someone. that i really loved good job
after i read tis poem overall,i feel how u feel because i am going through the same things too. Things arent fair arent it?Sometimes after we have given whatever we can,do whatever things that we gotta do,trying our best but thing jus never meant to turn out right. And it hurts so why isnt we must let ourselfs get hurt from all this. The best way out of this,is jus to let them go.
i love this poem it expreses everything that i feel! and i am happy to find it because i am going to save it and read it when ever i don't feel very well!
This is a beautiful poem. It describes my feelings when love is lost. Thank you for sharing your words with me.
this is such a cool poem! this was my first poem for my speech i had to do in school! thanks for giving me an a+. Shirley is the best person int the whole wide world
I like this poem. Is the same way I felt when it came to my last relationship. Hey keep it up nice job
Reminded me of my experiences not forgotten. It was so moving and written with the heart! It was an excellent poem!
this poem is so true, I dated a guy and I loved him so much and he left me and I was shattered , and every time I tried to date I only wanted my true love and never gave no one else opportunity, now that time past I still remembered him, but is true about this poem maybe he would come back I would not accept him back because the pain he has caused inside me is so deep life is to presious to be hurt again, life goes by so fast why don't we make the best of it! This world has so many diffrent lands we can always drop one memory and find another,
This is a great poem, cause it's so real and it reflects all the pain that a lost love means, but also reflects the strenght of a person trying to let go that love, even if it hurts, It happened the same o me, and people always tell me that maybe he could come back one day, I reall don't know, cause everythin in this life have a purpose, and I know that after the storm, comes the peace.
The poem was so beautiful and true.. it moved me deeply.. I can relate to it in so many ways....
Written with a true open heart. Brought back memories of a time long burried but not forgotton.
This was full of emotion and I loved it

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