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True love is so hard to find. Sometimes is stares you right in the face, but for some reason, you refuse to embrace it. Sometimes you do take the chance, only to be betrayed, by your own fears...only to lose the one true love of your life.

This poem is from my heart. It's meant to reach out to the man I love, to tell him how I feel, to apologize. Fools may rush in, but cowards rush out.

Foolish Pride, Lost Love

True love is such a wonderful thing,
The whole world seems to shine, even on the cloudiest day.
A love like this makes your heart sing,
It makes you smile, it makes you glow.
A love so strong lets you feel free,
You feel on top of the world.
No one can touch you, no one can hurt you,
When you're in love with that perfect man.
The sparkle of his eyes, the warmth of his touch,
Make every part of you glad to be alive.
The mention of his name makes you smile,
A happy thought of being together makes you glow.
The people around you are envious of this love,
For they too want to know.
They want to experience such joy,
They want to embrace such passion.
They tell you it's too good to be true,
They say love like this will only hurt you.
You become defensive, you become bitter,
What do they know? They don't understand.

Then the day comes, the sky clouds over,
The birds cease to sing.
A cold wind blows through you,
A feeling of fear takes over your every thought.
You don't know why, or where this feeling came from,
All you know is it's overwhelming and frightening.
Suddenly you begin to question his intentions,
Does he really love you? Can this be real?
Were they all right to warn you?
Do you really feel what you feel?
You look in his eyes and question what is there,
Wondering if there's an ulterior motive hidden somewhere.
You start to wonder if you deserve his love,
You start to wonder if someone else could make him happier.
You find yourself pulling away,
Giving him space, yet wanting him to stay.
You think you're doing the right thing giving him freedom,
You walk away, thinking you're protecting yourself.
You don't want him to hurt you, by turning you away,
So instead you say goodbye, not realizing it's true love that YOU'VE

It's too late. The damage is done.
Once again, you find yourself all alone.
You blame yourself, you blame your friends.
You even blame him, cause the pain never ends.
You regret what you've done,
You want to turn back time.
You want to hold him in your arms,
And try to make that love shine.
But you've hurt him too much,
This pain he can't forgive.
He'd given you everything,
But trust you could not give.
He'd done nothing wrong,
Only loved you completely.
But your fear of rejection,
Has left you lonely.
There was no reason for this to happen,
The love was true.
So here you sit,
Not knowing what to do.

Do you call him? Do you beg?
Do you apologize for the mistakes that you've made?
Do you tell him you're sorry,
You'll never do it again?
Do you ask for his forgiveness,
Only to be hurt again?
Do you deserve his mercy,
After the damage you have done?
Do you run to him crying,
Would this do any good?
Have your mistakes ruined everything,
Is there a way to repair?
Is it too late my darling?
Do you still care?
Is it too late my darling?
Is some love still there?
Is it too late my darling?
Have I hurt you too much?
Is it too late my darling?
Will I ever feel your touch?
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21 Visitor Comments

I LOVE this poem, I just sent it to my boyfriend, my true, true, love. It is as if I wrote this poem myself with my words, my emotions, my feelings. Thanks for capturing all the word and emotions I felt and didn't quite know how to say. I hope your poem save my relationship with the man I truly love!
Remarkable. Beautifully written. I feel your pain and loss. Sometimes pride is our greatest enemy.
thank you for this poem. it fits the situation i am in so well. it helped me to understand my girls feelings a little bit more
This poem is an inspirition to me and to other people. The pain you have much be really hurtful. I thankyou for writing such a brilliant poem it has helped me through my bad time. 10/10 You deserve this for your poem.
This poem says it all about making mistakes and losing love I lost my once in a life time love by not trusting in him and making the mistake of ending it when I still loved him and still do to this day.
i like this because this is exactly what i am going through. very, very good poem.
this is exactally the situation to a t that i have put myself in thank you so much for being so gifted
I LOVE THIS POEM! this is exactly what happened wiht me and my boyfriend. We were totally in love untill my freinds started spreading rumors and i got paronoid. We went out for 7 months and now he hates my guts for all the pain i put him through. I lost my only true love and my best friend at the same time.
I cried when I read it. I find myself in a similar situation and like the poem says, the pain never ends.
I loved this poem . i broke up with my ex boyfriend like a year ago n he wanted me back until october but i was stupid n then around december when I wanted him back he had found a girlfriend now we dont even talk anymore. The poem is a perfect expression of so many things i've thought about but could never put into words ! PERFECT 10!
I just wanted to say I'm so glad you liked my poem. It means so much to me to know that my words touched someone.
I can relate to this poem. It fits my situation perfectly. I cannot believe how true these words are.
I can relate to this poem. Every word is very true.
This is outstanding, im still blubbing, this is everything that I need to say to my soulmate, Thank you
Your peom was so true and so real to me for I did that same thing. It's good to know that I am not alone and I had to send this poem to the one I let go.
This was such a strong emotional poem I cried buckets! It hit home on how I feel about someone I love and have lost. Thanks for the words I could not find.
This poem is wonderful! It expressed everything I'm going through right now. It was only 2 hours before I read this poem that I told my boyfriend that I was giving him space. What a coincidence! I sent him this poem. I have a feeling it will help. Thank you....
I think that was very goood , it makes me think of my special friend how i treat him and he forgives me the next day . I love him but i can't tell him that . I guess he would never know.
This is the most beautiful poem I have ever read. I have gone through a similar situation in my life. It seems to me as if somebody has just taken a leaf out my life's history. Great

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