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This poem was written to express what I felt when hurt took over my emotions. Rio, how can I win your heart?

Getting Over You

Another day had pass,
my feelings are still the same.
It has been a while,
since I've said your sweet name.

Why is it like this?
What did I do wrong?
When will these feelings end?
I've waited far too long.

My thoughts are fading,
the answers I can't find.
Oh! how can I get,
you out of my mind?

The words are running out,
there's nothing else to do.
But to wait and to hope,
that I'll get over you.

Can my heart move on,
without another tear?
Will my emotions heal,
if you come near.

If these feelings die,
as it flows to the stream.
Will I ever wake up,
from this endless dream?
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36 Visitor Comments

i love this poem it made me think of me and my ex and it does hurt
This poem speaks the truth and I'm going through just that right now I don't feel as bad as I did anymore. Thank you, it was beautiful!
It touched me because i need help getting over someone. Actually two people, it's been hard for me and just a game to the other two. One of them was my boyfriend who cheated but i forgave him. I needed time and finally got some when i relized i still loved him so. and then the other tricked me to believe he really did care. in the end I was hurt and lost and never have found my way. That is until today when i relized i needed to move on and start over. it is soooo hard to let go of something that you love. we all have chioces and need to pick and choose carefully. I am hurt and angry, confused and lost. I have moved on but my heart still has the scar of the ones who hurt me and they will live in my heart for ever until i die! Thank you so very much! ~~B Turner
I really liked this poem it touched me alot because it decribed what i am going through now.
I really liked it i went out for a guy for a year and he ended. i was hurt but i got over it. it took a while though.
this poem explains more how i feel than the other six hundred i have read in the last two days
It sure feels like I wrote it. thank you.
This is a really good poem, it reminds me of my ex and its still hard for me to get over him.
I loved this poem because i feel like the writer took the words right out of my mouth. im just not a poet and didn't have the talent to say it quite like that. it lets me know that i will be ok because now i know there are others out there who feel just like me. life goes on. even if i will suck for a long time.
Exactly how I feel. Hopefully our hearts heal quick, quick, quick. Lovely poem
this poem is mostly like what me and my boyfriend are going through right now.
A Very True Poem I Enjoyed It Alot!
your poem was so nice because the poem relates to what im going through
well done, im in the middle of gettin over someone yet it feels like the beginning! well done
Very nice. I read both your poems and they both relate to me so well, very nicely done!
it was really good !
This is a very good poem. Me and my recent boyfriend just split up after going out for 3 months. It touched me and it really hit home. Meranda
Thats a realy good poem,you realy know your stuff.
this poem said exactly how im feeling as I've jus been dumped by my boyfriend.
This poem really touched me, I am trying to get over someone who means a great deal to me but he doesn't really see it, he likes someone else. He knows how I feel but he chooses to ignore me so I'm trying to get over him. This poem is awesome!
this poem is realy great i have written many poems myself and you are realy talented in describing the pain of moving on after a breakup and how hard it is to forget that someone speical
this poem was great. i read it over and over. it really helped me through some stuff. it's like you were feeling what i'm feeling now. great job:)
I LOVED YOUR POEM. it relates to me in so many ways!
i'v luved a boi 4 7 years. but he never luved me back. this poem isso sad and it describes me so well. i'm actually crying
This poem. it reminds me of when I had to say goodbye. to someone I love very badly
This poem is very good and I am going throw the some things
i have just fallen in love with a man and lost him just as quick, he belongs to another, He wants me but has let me go. This poem explains my pain.
i really like this poetry it touch my heart and made a tear in my eye
i like this peom because im in the middle of getting over the best love i ever had
Nice poem J
This poem was really good and it explained exactly how i felt about someone.
this poem is so, so , so true!! (about me anyway) this is happening to me right now and i just wish that this love could just fade away!!!
broken heart
I love this poem, when i read it, it remind me of my ex-boyfriend who i still love and care about. Things didn't work out, but i still love him.He will always have a special place in my heart.
This poem is sooosoosooosoooooo good. It says like everything that is happening in my life right now. It almost made me cry!
well said...

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